Thursday, September 29, 2005

lei si ren le!

i'm tired.

went for isetan sale this morning.
then completed my 2nd day of work.
now i'm back home, exhausted.

i'll blog on sunday when i'm not working.

don't miss me.


Anna The Bel

I really admire Annabel.

Chong, that is.

So i've decided to get this tshirt when i take my pay as a reward to myself for working so hard. Heehee.

Local Brand


Ice Creamies

Check this out

Cutesy stuff that i'd love to buy. She's got lip glosses that look like ice cream! HAHAHA... Gonna ask Karen if she can get these for me from someone she flies to. =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Can't Wait!

When i was working for SU in Tangs, i used to stare at this exclusive cult-label's products and wonder when will i ever have the moolah to buy them. They are afterall a cult label, and buying it would definitely up my staus quo and i would feel a million bucks when i used them.

I lusted for it even though at my age, i wouldn't need to use their products just yet. (I still love SK-II heehee...)

Having said that, i turned down a job for as a beauty advisor for that brand, although i really love the working enviroment and their products.

Silly right? And why? You may ask.

Well, that's because i came back from an interview with another company and i got the job. Haha. =)

It's a customer service job in Raffles Place and i'm starting work tomorrow! Hehehe. So exciting!!!

The Wonders of Technology

Defamation on blogs is common and inevitable. Sure, everyone of us has defamed someone or other in our lives before. Irregardless of whether it's on your public blog or your diary you write at home, you are still defaming that person in your heart. That, you cannot deny.

As i read the articles in the newspapers for the past few weeks, 3 people have been sued for writing racist stuff on their blogs. While in today's newspaper, secondary school students defame their discipline masters in their blogs too.

While we say it's an ugly behaviour, almost hypocritical, we are guilty of that crime sometimes too.

Imagine if you were the discipline master, and you happened to chance upon an entry which was written by your student. In that entry, that particular student defamed you (irregardless whether it's true or untrue). How would you feel?

Sure, i'd feel sad too. Maybe angry, but most probably disheartened.

We may have our angers (or are prejudiced) against some people. But life's too short to be angry with that person, and be the cause of your own life being a living hell when that person clearly is minding his own business.

Although nobody's saying anything to my face as yet, i know clearly that i've done wrong for talking about someone behind their back - 10 yrs ago or now, it doesn't make a difference.

What matters most is that i saw the truth and that i'd rather be happier than sad for the next 50 years or so. Having one less enemy means one less person on my "people to avoid" list.

I talked to Lin for a while during discussion, and she seemed okay. Maybe not as bad as i imagined her to be. I'm going to a class bbq later. I hope i have fun.

Xuelin called me up last week and we talked, albeit other stuff, and i gathered enough courage to meet them too. The 3 of us talked happily on the phone 2 days back.

It isn't that difficult to put down your pride, and start loving everyone around you.

So why not do it today?


Note: Never underestimate the wonders of technology. =) *winks to Karen*

Monday, September 26, 2005

Stolen Pics!

I just realised that the picture of my tshirt is on ck's friendster profile.
Click on it.
If you can't see it, try this link and click on the 13th picture.
Click on it.
And this should lead you to the photo below (haha =P):

If you can't see the pic properly, it reads:
If you don't believe in oral sex
Keep your mouth shut!

I remember it very clearly... Can you believe this picture was taken at crystal jade (holland v) last year, when me and the mazda guys were still going out in a group, and before i was together with Daryl?

The slogan on my tshirt was the topic of the night and i pulled it so that they could have a closer look (and also to draw attention away from my boobies). And in the end, they all decided to whip out their camera phones to take a photo of it. Ha!


Note To Karen the Carrot:

Eh the pics look great lah... I already photoshopped off the pimples, etc. It's not that bad lor!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Photo Blogging Day!

Was having exams so i didn't really blog last week. (I still check tagboards though!) But i'm just lazy to type today so i'll just photo blog...

Met up with Karen yesterday at Bugis... And i forced her to take a pic with me:

Yes... I've got a new fringe... Hehehe cut it myself on impulse. I needed a new hairstyle and this is the result of refusing to go to the salon to cut. Hahaha. My stylist just opened his own salon at Toa Payoh anyway, and i'll post up pics as soon as i've got the money to go there!!!

Me and my funny ideas... She wasn't really deep in thought... She was just thinking that "Steff is mad", cos i asked her to do an artistic shot for me! Hahaha! Here it is:

I was late yesterday cos i was playing this cinema tycoon game that i downloaded and i forgot about the time... And she was late because she took 30 mins to wrap a present for her friend while i was reading magazine after magazine in kinokuniya:

While sitting at mos burger, i realised she still wore the rosary ring that was given to each of the graduating students when we were at our graduation night in secondary school(Since 1999!). It looks normal at first:

But when she took it off to show me, i realised...

It's out of shape! HAHAHA! (Karen blames the aeroplanes + cabin air + cabin pressure for this)


Went to a girlfriend's father's funeral today. And i've got faith that God has brought her father to a place with no sadness and pain. The place is called heaven. =)

I arrived there at around 9.20am, and after we ate lunch, it was already 1pm. So i got a lift to the MRT from a girlfriend who also went there, then i went down to Bishan cos i was supposed to meet the seller of an item i bought off yahoo auctions.

Exxonmobil sent the voucher over to me a few days back, so i decided to go to best denki to check the stuff out. Called my mum to ask her what rice cooker she wanted (after all she was the one who was paying for my petrol all this while!). She asked me to buy any brand cos she's not fussy.

Me: Ichiban brand. 1.8 litres only $30
Mum: Huh... What kind of brand is that?
Me: Local brand
Mum: Er... Don't want... Ok still got what else?
Me: Aiyah why don't you come down and see?
Mum: Don't want lah. So troublesome
Me: Then i'll just buy my $99 hair dryer

Mum: Why don't you buy a $10 hair dryer for yourself and buy a $90 rice cooker for me?
Me: Nooooooooo... Why don't i buy the $99 hair dryer and we don't buy the rice cooker?
Mum: No, you can buy a cheaper hair dryer so that i can get the rice cooker.
Me: Argh. See how lah. So are you coming down?
Mum: You decide on the brand lah!
Me: No, you come down and see better lor
Mum: Argh. Ok lah i'll be down in 15 mins

Hahaha so she came down at last.


My OLD rice cooker was a house warming gift from my dad's dad to my parents when they first got married and bought a house. It is 2 years older than me!!!!!!!

However, it is old and some stuff just stop functioning properly after a while (the light indicator is spoilt. and although it still cooks rice properly, i just can't stand the sight of old appliances).

So i managed to convince my mum to get rid of it. Out goes the my mum's trusty (and old) rice cooker!:

And replacing it is a new $75 one:

But, wierd as elderly people, like my mum, is... She wants to keep the inner pot of the old rice cooker (can you believe it?!):

So because of the rice cooker that my mum wanted to get, i had to settle for a cheaper hair dryer. The one that i initially wanted was 2000W and costs $99. My mum said, "You think you open a hair salon ah? Why do you need something so powerful?"

I grumbled. So i settled on the 1500W one instead which costs half the price at $45:

Remember what i said about elderly people having this thing about keeping old stuff... My mum insisted that we keep the OLD hair dryer too! And this old hair dryer happens to be almost 10yrs old:

DOH! (In Jean's terminology, *slaps head*) That's my mum for you... Hahaha!


Useless note:

This girl called Esther attended to me at best denki initially. She was very nice and helpful. But when i came back after meeting my mum, she had gone for her lunch break.

Well, i feel sad for her cos we had to buy it there and then cos my mum was in a hurry to go back and fetch my lil sis from church. So yeah, she missed her commission because of her lunch. Poor girl.

Lesson learnt today: If you're in retail, and if a customer says she's gonna come back, don't ever leave your station no matter what happens.


Er... so much for me complaining that i didn't wanna type... In the end, end up typing so much!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

While I Was Editting...

Something happened. I'm sorry.


Here're some pics anyway. Primary school pics.

Click to see Karen:

Click to see Jac Smith:

Click to see Lydia:

Click to see Clarice & Myself:

Click to see Xuelin & Jean:

Click to see Deb:

See how much we're aged and changed? =)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Butterflies In My Stomach

I met lots of IJ people last night. In my wierd dream.

I dreamt of taking part in a big event. I can't pinpoint what it was exactly, but i remember seeing my ex-schoolmates from IJ. We were all seated initially in an auditorium, then were made to go out to the hall (no aircon!!!) to sit in groups of 6.

We were all seated in vertical rows, with a group leader in front of each team. So it seemed to be like a sports-day event or something, right? I thought so too, until i had to use the toilet.

You could say i was thankful that i didn't have to go to the eerie toilets we had in secondary school. But the wierd thing was, i had to go into a pub (??) to use their toilet. (Just in case you're wondering, NO i did not wet my bed.)

As if the dream wasn't wierd enough, i met friends outside the toilet. 3 friends to be exact, and they were James, Jaysen and Jaclyn.

Well, we used to be close, until Jac decided that it was time that she had to have more personal time with James. So we slowly drifted until they decided to part their separate ways, then only did i manage to meet up with James. I lost contact with James soon after, and Jac is now in Auzzie.

Anyway, back to the dream. I chatted with them like we were still the good old friends we were. And suddenly my group leader came and told us that it was time for us to go back to our seats. So we went back, sat in a group, and this is funny - Lucia (my ex-classmate in IJ) was sitting in front of me and she was in my group too.

So then... I woke up.


I woke up with the feeling that i should really stop deceiving myself because i really miss Clarice and Xuelin alot. They may be quite naggy at times, but i still love them nonetheless.

But i haven't spoken to them in like so many months, and i wonder what would happen when i call them. Would they slam down the phone on me? Or if i should SMS them, would they even reply? Maybe i could email them. =)

It's like falling in love for the first time. Butterflies in my stomach. You don't know what to expect, and whether you'll be rejected. But hey, if i don't try, i wouldn't know, right?

I'm gonna do something. It's been pricking my conscience for too long.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Am I Really That Blur?

Wierd. I juz came back from the vet and Dr Steve (see below) told me that the blood test that i was about to give her was not to check whether the lump is cancerous or not... It was to check if her other organs, etc. are working well.

"The only way is to remove the lump, then send it for lab tests. But i can't seem to feel it. The only way is to shave her and then slowly feel", the doc said.

Maybe i heard wrongly about the blood test being able to find out. And maybe the doc couldn't feel the lump in that moment. He did say, however, that most lumps are benign, although they should be removed to prevent complications.

But anyway, i went ahead with the test nonetheless, since my dog is 8 years old already. So we'll see how the test results go... Should get results in 2 days or so.

And yes, i'm $96 $100 poorer today. Still got traffic fines to pay summore. Sigh... How liddat...

Absolutely Terrible

Today's paper was disasterous. Hope my project marks pull the overall score up.


Gonna see the vet (see pic below) for a blood test for my dog at 4pm. Remember i was telling you guys that he suspected that the lump at my dog's breast could be mammory cancer? Yeah. The result is only gonna be out in 10 days. SO LONG!!! HMPF!

Hope they don't shave my dog until so jiat lat... =(


Crossing my fingers and hoping that Ivan's got stock for Addiction For Dogs (still waiting for him to confirm what time his supplier can send the food down to his shop). So if he's got stock, i'll pop by the shop later on to grab some food for Jewel.


Called this spa just now to change my appointment (the spa's complimentary cos i won it in a contest) and the woman said she'll call me back to reconfirm like 20 mins ago, but she still has yet to do so.

Free stuff gotta wait meh?? -__-"


Thank you Delon for bidding on my auction and saving me from bankruptcy. I really appreciate it!


So yeah. Don't really have the mood to type proper posts today. All because of this morning's paper.

Till the next time when i'm happy/sad, i'll blog again.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm tired cos i've been studying (or at least trying to) for the past few days. I always get distracted, and i don't understand why. Maybe it's because i don't have a proper study table.

I study with a breakfast-table on my bed. It's the kind with the foldable legs ala having breakfast in bed. Or maybe it's because my comp has been staring at me, and beckoning me to come and give a stroke on the keyboard (pun not intended), which is what i'm doing right now.

So while i'm at it, i might as well make the best of it, and tell you guys about things regarding...ME! =)

1. Cedric was complaining of not being able to find a gf.

So i asked if he wanted to be introduced to Apple. And he thought i was joking. He told me this, "She's like so famous, i thought you were kidding when you said you knew her!"

So anyway, i posted the previous post up about him gushing (going gaga!) over her. Oh yeah, and he still is, judging from the way he spoke to me just now on MSN. Back to story, i then tagged Apple's board to let her know of a mysterious person who is interested in getting to know her better. (I am not kidding, Cedric is for real!)

Then Apple tagged back at my board, and said she'll check his blog out. Which she did, and tagged at Cedric's blog (I know this is getting confusing... Bear with me!) and now Cedric is over the moon.

Good luck, you both! Hoping that the both of you find love soon! =)

2. Mailers are evil.

I receive mailers from Isetan, Mango, FCUK (i am not scolding bad words here!) and Padini (there're a few more but i'm just lazy to list) occasionally. But there's this love-hate relationship that i have with them.


Here are the reasons why:

  • The models are skinnier than me. Makes me feel fat.

  • I love the new stuff, but have got no money to shop.

  • Makes me feel like i can't differentiate from needs and wants.

  • Makes me wonder why i'm unsuccessful in modelling.

  • Mummy and/or Daryl is/are gonna nag at me when they find out that i've bought something from the latest collection.

It's an evil thing, ain't it? And i can't help but stare longingly at the stuff that's in the latest issue of the Padini mailer.

I totally DIG Seed and Vincci! They're like cheap and you can still look fabulous in them. If i was working, i'd be trotting over to Malaysia every month for a shopping spree at their stores. It's a pity i'm not working cos i really really really wanna get the blouse, boots, and what nots from them. Sigh...

3. I have got no job.

I am trying to find one. seriously! All because i've got Jewel's bills to pay, a traffic fine that i chalked up, and of course, to feed my shopping habit, although that ranks last.

I posted an ad in Friendster Classifieds, but all i got were stuff asking me to do sales. I hate doing sales! I want a no-brainer job. Please don't tell me that i have to work my brains out even when i'm having my holidays!

Oh, and i did a check on the names of the companies, and some most were not registered. So guys, i hope you read this cos you never know if it's a scam. So it's better to be safe than sorry!

4. I've got exams to think about too.

That's enough from me already. Very stressed. Just finished a paper just now at 2.30pm, and i've got another paper tomorrow morning at 8.30am. Gotta study, else i can be prepared to repeat that subject again next semester.

P/S: If someone is kind enough to buy me that lovely pair of boots from Vincci (their SG store is called VNC), i'd be more than delighted. Haha!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Oh, and Cedric said that he's interested in getting to know Apple better. =)

Apple! Got hear that? Hehehe...

Jean's Jokes

I was talking to Karen on MSN just now when i told her about Jean's email. It was a very very very funny email reply. So this is what Karen said:

Jean being her blur self, and her ability to reply to jokes(??) and make the joke seem even more funny, is simply amazing. I had actually sent out an email telling the girls that there's this cafe that we could meet at the next time, cos it's actually a dog cafe (serves both dog and human food).

What i actually typed was:

"So.................. As i was saying, the next time we meet, we (Jean, Karen & Myself) can bring our doggies along... Lydia can bring her pet cat/hamster, Deb can bring her pet lizard, Jac can bring her pet cockroach, and if Gen is in sg, she can bring her pet brother or something lah... Haha... =)"

So here is what Jean replied, and then what i replied:

Click for a bigger image.

P/S: Jean, don't kill me! :P Cos your email is on both Karen's and my blog. Hahaha.

Monday, September 12, 2005

No Money, No Honey

I'm so broke that i've resorted to selling my stuff online. Not that i haven't done it before, but i think i'll probably have to sell stuff that i really like...

Need to borrow a digital camera for my online auctions. Anyone willing to lend me their's for a week or so? =)

Anyway, the auction site is here: http://user.auctions.yahoo.com/sg/user/PradaCraze

More stuff coming up soon kay... Got loads of shit in my house that i haven't touched in ages... Oh, and do pass the word around cos i'm in desperate need of cash!!! Thanks peeps!

Jewel My Love

Brought Jewel to the vet today.

This is what the doc said:

  1. Ear infection

  2. Dry eye problem

  3. Skin irritation

  4. Lump that might be cancerous

  5. Do a vaccination

  6. Get her sterilised

  7. Her teeth needs to be cleaned

So this is what he did:

  1. Flush the stuff in her ear out

  2. Vaccinated her for distemper and leptospira canicola(??)

  3. Gave antibiotics, shampoo and eye drops

And this is what i have to do:

  1. Ask mummy for money to get her blood test done

  2. Ask mummy for money to get her sterilised

  3. Get her vaccinated in case she gets worms(??)

  4. Get a booster jab done in a month's time

  5. Bring her to get her teeth cleaned the next time round

I'm sad and troubled cos i've got no money to pay for my dog's bills. And yes, i'm $140 poorer today.

Can someone offer me a job? Please?


Check this out: http://sexpo.com.sg

I'll be marking this date on my calender, that's for sure. It's an eye opener.

Will you be marking yours? Hahaha.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Continuing from my comment post in Karen's blog...

Getting married involves having alot of cash.

READ: Ready cash. Not credit cos you don't want to end up owing alot of banks' money.

If there must be two rings in the world that i will slog my life away for them, they must be the Bvlgari B.Zero1 and the Tiffany Shared Setting Half-Circle Diamond Band. So if Daryl's gonna propose to me, it's gotta be the B.Zero1, and of course we'll marry in the church with a Tiffany on my finger. COST(Modest budget) = $10000.

Who cares if there're no diamonds? HAH!

(Ok wait, i like the Tiffany Setting Ring too! But i can't have em all, can i?? Shown here with the Wedding Band.)

The Shared Setting is priced from US$2100.

The signing of the marriage cert will be done in church, so that's gonna save us some time. BUT $$ is still an issue here. I'd like lots of nice flowers, flower girls and of course, a nice wedding gown. And yes, the peeps would be hungry, so we'd have to provide some stuff for them to munch on. COST(Modest) = $5000

So if you're coming to my church wedding, you'll get to eat these...

Haha! I'm just kidding =)

Ok, now this is the killer... The wedding dinner. Daryl wants a beach styled wedding(???) with air-con tents. Doesn't quite make sense to me cos i want to sign the cert in church...

However, i am still very much into my indoor weddings cos Singapore's weather is unpredictable and not to mention freakin humid. I was looking to getting it done at either Shangri-La (the Orange Grove one) or Grand Hyatt.

So Daryl suggested to make both parties happy, we do BOTH! BEACH WEDDING COST(Modest) = $100000. HOTEL WEDDING COST(Modest) = $40000. Hahaha. But of course we're not gonna do both, so it's either this or that.

I want this...

Or this...

But Daryl wants this...

Alamak... And the honeymoon... It's definitely gonna cost us a bomb, with me shopping and what nots. Haha... I'd love to go Paris to see the Eiffel; i'd love to go Japan for its onsens; And i'd love to go to the Maldives just to soak in the sun! COST(Modest) = $10000

So, you see my point? It's freakin expensive to get married. Even the big angpows from relatives wouldn't even be enough to cover the costs! Haha!

So i guess, just like Karen, i'd probably have to wait 7 years too. =/

The Afternoon After...

  1. My dog's haircut was cute. Now she looks like a puppy. Haha... They tied a lovely ribbon for her fur that was just above her ears and she looks like a princess :) My only quelm is that they didn't take a picture of her (read from a forum that they do it for free after grooming).
    Karen, the next time we bring our dogs for a haircut we could go there nonetheless, cos the people there are quite friendly. =)

  2. I didn't buy the food from the pet bakery. But when i went to their place, Zacky-boy was on heat and he first tried to hump my leg, then he tried to hump my old dog. -__-" Stupid horny dog.

  3. Ok for the breaking news... No i didn't get through the auditions. Yes i was quite nervous and i felt the pressure even before i went in. Daryl told our friends that i'll be taking part in a contest in Genting even before i went for the auditions. So yup, guess i'll have alot of explaining to do... So malu...

  4. So i've resolved to keeping quiet the next time before i go for an audition so i can save myself some embarassment... Good idea eh? =)

Don't worry i'm fine lah. =) I'm disappointed in myself but life still goes on... Hahaha!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Excited Ooo

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about tomorrow! There can be countless ways that one can be excited by. Here are some of the ways:

  1. You just ate an aphrodisiac and you're on heat.

  2. The man of your dreams is looking into your eyes with a sense of yearning for you.

  3. You know you are going to win the grand prize of a contest you joined.

  4. You just bought the latest and flashiest mobile phone on the market and are planning to show it off to the next (and the next next and the next next next) person you meet.

  5. You won Singapore Idol/Channel U's Project Superstar (Probability: a 3 in 4 millionth chance).

Nah my reason is none of the above. Hahaha...

Well ok i'll let you in on it, provided you...

Say please?

Good. *smirks* ;)


I just made an appointment for a full grooming for my dearest poochie Jewel (Real Name: Jewel Goh Zu-Er). Heard raves about it, and i'm trying them out for the first time, so i hope they don't fail me. Hehehe. I checked out their site and WOAH! The shop interior looks good ballz! Oooh and the pictures of the groomed doggies look SEXY!

Hahaha i'm just kidding. Actually, they look good, really. Just hope it's not a camera trick or PS-enhanced. =) Check out their site here.

So i'm just crossing my fingers and hope that my 45 buckeroos won't be money badly spent. Else Daryl's gonna scold me again for wasting money. =P For 45 buckeroos, they had better be good!!!


Still thinking about whether i should grab some doggie treats from the dog bakery. The food looks good. *licks lips* Why don't you look at them too? Good enough for humans to drool ballz!

Zacky-Boy's (Real Name: Zack Choo) kind of a greedy poochie. Well, if i've got the time and the mood, i'll pop by before we go Allysa's (One of Zacky's owners) house for her birthday.


Finally we reached the last reason why i'm absolutely thrilled about tomorrow. PHEW! Ok, here goes...

I joined a karaoke competition and the audition's tomorrow! Haha sibeh kan cheong and sibeh excited...

I wonder whether i'll even make it pass the audition rounds or not. But hey, i've got confidence and that's my winning factor. So even if i don't get through, i know i've tried my best. =) Wait for my good news peeps!

Now everyone, repeat after me... "Good luck Steph!"

Yeah ballz, i need it. ;)

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Another blur sotong who doesn't know that i'm joking... My classmate Ant!

Click on the pic to view a larger image.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I've got this:

And this:

And this too:

But THIS is my latest object of desire: =)

And i'm gonna save that US$175(S$300!) to get it!!!


Exam stress! =( Got a paper tomorrow and i've not finished studying... Die...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

We Are All Paris Hiltons

Proof that there is a Paris Hilton in all of us! =) Sorry Karen! Hehehe...