Sunday, February 29, 2004

bloated like a puffer fish

just had my dindin. my friend yongfu(we all call him sapo cos his dad used to sell claypot rice at the now-disfunct silver stream food court) just opened, ironically, a claypot noodles stall near my house. so sapo is now selling "sapo meen". haha. ok we shouldn't laugh at people's occupation.

it was tasty, but the service was really slow. can't blame him because it's his first day of business. :) my complaints are that the prawns still have legs and that the soup was too watery. in my own opinion, i think the soup should have been more gravy-ish. sapo, please forward my feedback to your management. oh wait, you're the boss right? haha.


i went to the chan brothers fair at suntec just now. boy was i drooling. nope no babes. nope no hunks. it was the lure of travelling overseas! justin(if you all don't know, he's my bf) was suggesting we go thailand for our june holidays. i think he's nuts - the hot weather's gonna kill us! not to forget, i am quite cash-strapped right now, and he's not offering to pay a single bit. *pouts* but then again, i'm an INDEPENDENT YOUNG LADY, therefore i should be able to squeeze the money out of my bank somehow right? who needs men anyway? heh!

just for the sake of asking - does anyone wanna bring me overseas for a holiday? HEHE... ;)


i was supposed to meet clarice yesterday at 11am, but i ended up meeting her at 1pm instead because i was terribly late. hah! luckily she wasn't mad at me. ;)

we went shopping. i was not supposed to buy anything because of my pathetic financial situation now, but all i wanted was a tube top. the weather's quite hot these days ain't it?

so off we trotted to mango in isetan orchard. as we stepped into the entrance, a poster beckoned me to go closer to take a look. and so i did. "with any minimum purchase of $30, you can buy this mogu velour bear for only $9" what a bargain!!! i was only supposed to buy a tube top worth $13. but the bear was a draw, i just HAD TO get it. i ended up buying 3 tops and chalking up a $51.75 bill on my charge card[inclusive of mr. mogu ;)]. doesn't it just feel so good to be shopping?!

i went back home and mummy asked me to pay her back whatever i signed for. darn. :/ nvm, let's wait and see what daddy has to say when he comes back next sunday. maybe he'll agree to waive the petty amount off for me as a "chinese new yr incentive" perhaps? haha. i'll let you guys know how it goes! till then, cherrios!

Saturday, February 28, 2004

in a holiday mood

i'm in a dire need for a holiday because...i juz luv travelling! haha. people may think i'm nuts, but i actually have a dream to save up lots of money, then spend it all in a 60 days around-the-world trip. whee!

wanna see my list of destinations? here they are:
1. burj al arab, dubai, united arab emirates
2. istanbul, turkey
3. zurich, switzerland, europe
4. rome & venice & milan, italy, europe
5. eiffel tower, paris, france, europe
6. barcelona, spain, europe
7. giza & aswan, egypt, africa
8. cape town, south africa
9. mauritius, africa
10. teotihuacan, mexico, america
11. great barrier reef, australia
12. disneyland & mt fuji, tokyo, japan
13. matsuyama, ehime, japan
14. seoul, south korea
15. forbidden city & great wall of china, beijing, china
16. hong kong, china
17. taj mahal, agra, india
18. patong beach, phuket, thailand
19. ubad, bali, indonesia
20. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ah, but this around-the-world trip would probably cost me at least $15000 judging from the way i'm gonna be spending the money. Hah! So i should start saving money now for my trip - who cares about saving for marriage anyway?

Friday, February 27, 2004

freaked out

my heart is beating very fast now. no, it's not that i've met a drop dead gorgeous guy. it was the phone call.

someone called me on my mobile just now. she sounded filipino. the way she spoke was wierd. she got my name right. then she asked me to connect to what starhub operator.

eh wait a minute. IDIOT. it just struck me. must be that stupid teck lip or michael connect her call to me. IDIOT!!! play with my feelings again?!?! argh. you guys are gonna get it!

busy busy

yay! i took off my p-plate today. at last, i'm not part of the triangle racing team anymore!

Thursday, February 26, 2004


criteria for teaching mathematics in nyp - your surname must be quek/kwek/anything that sounds like quack. nah i was juz joking! but back to the truth, i've got 2 lecturers for mathematics - mr quek & ms kwek. and i only realised that in the 6th week of school. hah! talk about paying attention.

i was late to school as usual. when i came through the door, mr quek started lesson already so i quickly made a dash to my seat. hmm remember i was telling you that i was supposed to have a math test? but the wierd thing was that he was teaching us how to do some questions on the whiteboard.

i turned over to delon and looked at his paper. hmm. he was holding the quiz question paper. hey wait a minute, everyone else was also holding the quiz question paper, and mr quek was teaching at the same time! delon then clued me in - 2 questions that came out were not supposed to be in the scope of the test. therefore for the benefit of us being able to pass the math test, he decided to give us some hints on how to solve those questions. haha.

fast forward to 4pm. we collected back our test results from him. omg. i've only got 18/20 although he was like somewhat teaching us how to do. CARELESS MISTAKE!!! ergh. overall i think today was a happy day for me. how about yours?

late late late

there is something seriously wrong with me. i can NEVER wake up for my 8am lessons! i was late again today. so here i am, typing away in front of the computer.

just completed clarice's loonnngggg testimonial on friendster. i usually don't write testimonials unless i've got lots of stuff to say. but then again, it's using too much of my brain cells to recollect my past memories with that particular person, then summarising it into like what - 100 words? friendster ain't english comprehension! ergh.

hey wait. there's a math test later. so why on earth am i still sitting in front of my computer? ergh. gonna be late for school again. see ya guys!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


i had to undo most of the wire wrapping weiliang helped me to do. cos it was far too messy. my teacher didn't wanna accept my project. argh. luckily mr ruan said that we could hand the project up after the term break or else i was dead meat man.

psst. there's a fcuk sale coming up. but i'm not saying where or what time. scared everyone snatches all the good stuff before i do! haha.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


i'm fed up with tons of homework, projects, exams. 24 hours a day just doesn't seem enough anymore. i keep getting homework from my lecturers. got 1 project deadline tomorrow and another one in a few more weeks. and my exams are in 2 weeks.

what the hell is wrong with my time management? which then boils down to the question on why am i procrastinating in front of the computer right now.

i just can't get enough of the ktv session with my classmates the other day. delon with his "i want to sing cantonese song but i don't know how to"; chingyu with his "i can't sing well but i don't care if you guys can't stand my off keys"; kangkim with his pointing at each character on the screen as he sings the song "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, i call you pa and you hit my mama"; wenrui with him sounding like karen; zhusha with her "black white red yellow purple green blue grey, yours mine his hers big small round flat, good bad beautiful ugly new old different designs different colours let you choose" rap; and lastly, karen with her liking of hokkien songs.

a little long winded though, but it was really funny although they've got enough of me trying to mimic them in school! haha. can't stop laughing. oh, did i mention that we also did a william hung rendition of "she bangs"? haha.

hey wait. i'm supposed to be doing my homework! :\ *poof*

Monday, February 23, 2004

sad but happy!

i was sad cos didn't get thru the audition for the hair show yesterday. but nonetheless, i will keep on trying (and dieting) to get some money rolling in...

quite happy today. hehe. can't stop smiling cos my best friend(timothy andy goh chang yi) brought me down to DFS to get my birthday present at last! can you imagine i waited for 3 months for my 21st birthday present? haha.

we went to tiffany & co and he asked me to choose which one i liked. although i preferred the bigger heart bracelet, they didn't have stock for it. so i settled for the smaller heart bracelet which is similar to the return to tiffany collection, but it just has the words "tiffany & co 925" on it. thinking of getting it engraved. but that's gonna cost me $5 per darned alphabet! AHHH...

oh darn. i'm late again. supposed to meet weiliang so that he can help me with my semestral project. see ya guys later! *muacks*

Friday, February 20, 2004

it's a fed up day

this morning i had my aircon turned off, light turned on, and someone was shouting in my ears to get up. i blinked. i turned over my head to look out of the window, and there it was - the big black sky.

it was 6.49am on a lazy friday and i wasn't due to start school until 1pm. even if my make-up lesson for math was due to start at 11.30am, it was far too early to get up!

my mum had thought today was thursday and woke me up thinking that i'm supposed to start school at 8am. she was supposed to have a team-building event at east coast today, but she still thought it was thursday. thanks for waking me huh?!?