Wednesday, September 29, 2004

should've never...

I've been so caught up in the thought of me and you
Even though I love someone else
I know my heart belongs to you
Tell me how did we ever let the situation get this far
Maybe we should just try to hide the things we feel inside
Things I know we can't deny

Should've never told you that I cared about you
Didn't think that it would be, so bad
Should've never kissed you
Should've never held your hand
Got to find a way to let these feelings go
What did I do the day I let you slip into my soul
It was then, when I realized that I would always want you in my life
No one else can know of the things that we've been saying on the telephone
It would be so bad
If they ever knew that me and you were secretly into each other

I'm so scared, trembling inside
'cause I'm feeling like somebody else already knows
Oh my god, I love you both so much
And to have to choose between the two is hurting me so deep inside

Should've never told you that I cared about you
Never thought that it would be, so bad, hum
Should've never kissed you
Should've never held your hand
I don't ever want to feel this way again

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

how much of this do you believe?

A Sagittarius woman is very frank and outspoken. She is very blunt in talking. Her outspoken bluntness often causes misunderstandings. She almost immediately forgets all those sarcastic talk she just did and would be friendly. She has a clear and realistic view of things around her. She can never lie and is honest to the core. She is very independent and not the one who would take orders. Her actions match her talk as she does only what she preaches. She doesn't expose her sorrow.

Though she is intelligent, independent and can take care of herself, her heart is vulnerable to pain. She is very honest. Sagittarius woman are extravagant. She is sentimental in love to the extent that she would not allow anyone to touch the pen her lover gave her. She is not a nagging type. She makes a good friend to her children. Children get influenced by her honesty, frankness and optimism which leaves the mark on their character.

A Capricorn man is hard working, ambitious and adaptive natured. He is a perfectionist and a disciplinarian. He is shy natured and doesn't show his emotions outwards. He is a family man. He doesn't marry in a hurry. He would like to marry a person who is homely and likes his wife to be a good housewife and a good companion.

He is a responsible man and takes care of his family. He is a tough guy with a gentle heart. He makes an ideal father. He is a devoted father and can makes any sacrifice for his children. He insists on discipline and commands respect and obedience from his children.


so i fancy a capricorn. he's intelligent, witty, and although my sis finds him absolutely annoying, i find him charming.

who am i talking about? you guys would never find out anyway. i'm not telling it here cos loads of people read my blog. but for a clue, he's born on 30th December 1975. =) don't know who is it right? heehee.

old men are sexy. i love them. ;)

shh. if you know who i'm talking about, don't tell him kay? ;)


on a heavier note, i've been really pissed these days. certain people have got me really angry with them. for cheating me, lying to me, and making me furious, you're sure to get the death sentance if i were really a princess.

you're lucky i'm not.

but that's beside the point. i was really angry. first it was ivan, who gave me one of his attitudes. secondly, it was the rest of everyone who ignored me(you know who you are). thirdly, it was edwin who lied to me (and you still had to cheek to msg me in msn and say "sorry for nothing"!?!). fourthly, i found out why turtle left me through the help of my gf. fifthly(haha sounds like filthy?!), some motherfucking bitch called me and demanded(how absurd!) me to reinstate her CCA points for her last night.

like what the fuck? why do bad things just seem to befall me?

sigh. thank goodness dinner on sunday wasn't that bad. he brought me to east coast lagoon hawker centre to eat wanton mee. definitely one of the better ones that i've tasted. was kind of in a gloomy mood, but the night passed fine.

just keeping my fingers crossed for now. i hope it works out.


wait. i changed my mind. it's hard to trust men these days. who knows, this fella that i fancy may very well be married and with children! lol.

meeting bastard men seems to be in the rage now. i seem to meet them all the time(you know who you motherfucking are).

still, i am in hope. =)


and i know my blog just rocks despite this sucky layout that i created impromptu because i couldn't stand not blogging anymore. withdrawal symptoms. lol.

people gloat in my misery, people get angry reading my blog, and people look at me differently after reading it, but i don't care.

it's my blog.

if you look at me differently after this, you can kiss my ass.
if you get angry after this, you can very well stop reading.
if you gloat after this, then please come back again because i want my readership to grow.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

nice memories...

it's been a while since i blogged. one reason is because i've been quite caught up with school work these days that i don't have the time.

ok, so i HAVE the time to go out. fine.

another reason why i haven't blogged is because i don't know what i should/can type in here. now that my blog has a daily average readership of 80 people, i don't know who is reading, or even worse - what they're speculating about me outside.

but hey, THIS IS MY BLOG and i cry if i want to, gloat if i want to, flame if i want to... you would do too if it happened to you...

*snaps fingers* GET BACK TO EARTH PLS!!!

i shall summarise it - prank calls, prank SMSs, sick jokes, dinner & a movie with my sales agent, stalking, mahjong sessions...

which resulted in me being confused, lost, and depressed.

i'm kinda moody these days because of pms, and it's a lil outta hand sometimes. sometimes things don't turn out the way you expect/want them to be.

shit happens. -__-"

the people whom i like, do not like me.
the people whom i don't like, like me.
the people whom i like them, and they like me, can't be together with me.

contradicting as it may sound, read between the lines to find out what i'm really trying to say.

aiyah, ok, i think you're not that bor liao to guess anyway. so i'll give a hint.

Mr A likes Ms B. Ms B likes Mr A too. in fact, they did share some good moments together. but due to certain circumstances, Ms B decided that it's not going to be a good idea if they were together. so Ms B decided to cut it short and sweet (was quite bitter actually...) and tell Mr A that it isn't a good idea.

you'd be stupid if you don't know who i'm talking about.

so anyway... along comes Mr C, Mr D, and Mr E who all came and went. then Mr F decided to pop up instead. he was so sweet and all, the type that you'd be treated like a princess that you want to be. but something was wrong. friends tried to pair the both of them up, but as you all know, FORCING RESULTS IN ZILCH AMOUNT OF HAPPINESS. so since we know that the relationship between Mr F and Ms B won't work out, Mr F kept insisting that they could.

this is a terrible tale, kids, don't follow this at home.

now at this point, Ms B doesn't know what to do. she's between the lines of breaking down and liking the wrong person.

i fondly remember Ms B saying that she loved bad guys.

so here we have it, all the Mr C to F are all passe. and sigh, Ms B is thinking of Mr A again...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

the nights are lonely, the days are so sad

fat. hideous. obnoxious. ugly. think this list never ends...

that's me.


and i juz realised that i'm seriously broke. -__-"

better stop going out because i don't have any money to spend anymore.

if you've got a sugar daddy to introduce to me, i don't mind. =) EMAIL ME!

zzz as i'm typing this...

my sis took the car out. think she went to her bf's place to stay for the night.

ahh. i have to be at school by 7am later.

anyone willing to give me a lift?


*someone* bought me flowers today as a treat to the end of my term tests. =) heehee.

is the suspense killing you? hiak hiak hiak.


went to have frog leg porridge at geylang just now for dinner. (it was my first time trying frog leg porridge, while still pondering over why they don't call it "QING WA ZHOU"...) YUM!

had rochor beancurd after that. yum yum.

went to boat quay to look for siaocharbor (who was yet again drunk and sprouting nonsense...), only to find out that she wanted to go home after that.

a certain *someone* came to pick her up. she's back home safely despite that person's reckless driving skills.

clarice decided to go home. walked her to the mrt station.

went down to east side at mohamed sultan after that to join the rest of the UNCLEs. =)

made me drink again. hmpf. next time i shall drive, so that you guys will not have the excuse to ask me to drink again. hah!


off to bed now. sweet dreams my dearies. =)

Friday, September 10, 2004

zoom zoom

my mum took the car out rounding today and i've got no car to drive again. =(

would anyone care to fetch me out today? pretty please?

*blinks innocently*

CALL ME KAY!!! heehee...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

award ceremony

didn't drive to school today. was supposed to go breakfast, but due to time constraints, my friend had to send me to school straight. finished exams, and i went out for lunch at suntec with that same friend.

i wanted to go home alone, but he asked me to wait until he was done with his work stuff, then he'll send me back home. ok, so i waited... and waited... and waited...

not fun at all. i went window shopping around suntec and city link mall. saw loads of shoes at VNC that i really wanted to buy, but due to financial constraints, i can't afford to. argh. hate the feeling, don't you?

anyone cares to bring me on an all-expenses paid shoe shopping spree? their shoes are really cheap! :D [really lah, don't believe, check it out yourself!]

so i trottled down to MPH. read like 3 car magazines from front to back. [speaking of which, would anyone care to buy me hotstuff (i kinda like the articles) and torque (i wanna join the race queen contest!)? heehee.]

stood there until i kind of realised the strain on my neck. then decided i should go PCC instead.

Pacific Coffee Company lah. tsk tsk. what were you all thinking?!

sipped my $3.50 chamomile tea (i boil at home also cheaper...), while having to brave the coldness in PCC at 1 raffles link. i hogged the comp there for like eons. chatted online through the msn web messenger which kept failing me. argh. had to restart it a few times! -__-"

then at last, at 5.18pm, my friend arrived.

that was a freakin long wait. congrats, you just made it to the number 1 spot of people i had to wait for with a record breaking time of 3hrs 18 mins. =P

luckily he bought me a box of royce' champagne flavoured nama chocolates. yum yum! heeheehee. =) don't be jealous hor!~!~

stress ah...

boring days. lonely nights. which is why i haven't actually blogged for a while (the last post isn't considered a proper entry).

ate mushroom prata last night at jln kayu with 3 tables of UNCLEs and a lovely young lady, vivien. =) saw my cousin (the one whom i went for his wedding on the day ford boy banged my car) and his wife there.

can you believe this - i recognised him by his disgusting hairstyle! but i didn't bother to say hi. his friends also not with him! HA HA HA...


been going out alot with the MCS ppl these days. aiyah nothing much to blog anymore. think i shall stop here until further juicy gossip happens.

[actually due to the high amount of traffic i'm getting currently (yes, i have a silent tracker here...), i have to watch what i type. all eyes are looking at me...]

back to my books! =)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


pre-test jitters - burn.
had my first common test paper today - gonna burn.
wed's, thur's & fri's paper - burning.
post-test worries - burnt.

go figure.


i'm fucking pissed with my blog. don't ask why. -__-"
i'm fucking pissed with my comp. browser hijacks that i can't seem to get rid of. :/
i'm fucking pissed with my test. tough like fuck (do not think otherwise.). (T-T)


not in a very good mood today. don't push your luck. don't step on my tail. don't annoy me. don't talk to me. just don't...


I'M MOODY!!! *cry*

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Believe it or not~!




food for thought

was kinda bor liao, so this came up...

keep it up

i was doing my online learning halfway and i saw this screen.


so i decided to take a break, to tell you guys what happened yesterday. :)


yesterday was a funny day. woke up but didn't study much actually. was talking to the MCS guys, then they decided to meet up for lunch.

just when i was about to go out, it poured cats and dogs. a lil reluctant to go out after that, but i decided that my stomach ruled. i was freakin hungry. hahaha.

reached there with no idea who i was meeting, except uncle jon, that is. but then again, i didn't know how uncle jon looked like. haha. so i went into the coffee shop, looking all so confused. then suddenly, i see a person staring at me. hmm. i smiled, and said "is anyone here called jonathan?" then they pointed to a direction, then said "there!"

uncle jon was standing beside his car, looking at the extent of damages that came up after his car brushed against a blue lorry (haha we saw the lorry's paint there). (not that bad lah, managed to hit back right?) maybe the car's not fated to be yours, since you average an accident per month. :P

we had prawn mee at a coffee shop (which ONLY sells prawn mee. how dumb) at a small lane beside jackson kopitiam. i wasn't so crazy over the prawns. never liked eating them anyway. they always have that funny taste. hahaha. but nonetheless, i still ate them. the soup was yummy. heehee.

was a different experience going out with the 3 uncles - uncle daryl, uncle paul & uncle jon. haha think i made them feel damn old. OOPS~! :P


went back home, tried to study abit, then xuelin called me to bitch about her day again. haha. she's like damn funny. it was the 3rd day into her new nurse job and she could almost die with all the stalkers and stuff.

who can resist sexy nurses? *evil grin*


met up for some clubbing action later in the night. as uncle andy, uncle daryl, kellin, and uncle jon were still having their dinner, ck & myself had to drop by the restaurant they were at.

as you all know, i'm growing fatter by the day. (yes, that's an amazing 1kg per week i'm putting on btw...) but going out with these uncles... OMG i swear i'll drive down myself the next time. (hmm..or maybe not :P)

they forced me to eat veg. EWWWWW.

like i totally hate that green thing. and they forced me to eat it. -__-" well, faced with 5 pairs of eyes staring at my every movement, i cut the leaf off the poor kang kong that was about to be eaten, stuffed it together with my fish, and swallowed it down.

erm.. yum? i forced a smile. the fish was nice. :) hahaha.