Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some pics..

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Bought a new necklace..

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Changed it into a keychain :)

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A pic taken 2 years ago - Myself and Jaysen

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A pic taken a few weeks ago when my labmates went to Sentosa!!! Same person, same shirt!

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Went to Wine Wise for drinks on Friday

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WOW! SHUAI GE (handsome guy)!

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The inside - bottles are filled from barrels

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Bottles are unlabelled if you consume the wine there, otherwise your labels can be personalised if you buy back home

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Mich was scribbling her life story during lunch yesterday

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My lovely half leopard-print nails ;)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Incomplete; Lousy.

It was a boring weekend week that had just passed. And all because i haven't finished my work.

Every single day of the week was spent touching up on my project stuff.

* Project interface - INCOMPLETE
* Presentation- INCOMPLETE
* Website - INCOMPLETE

I never seem to get things right. And the people around me suffer.

Overtime was the norm this week. I clocked in 2 hours on Friday since it was some kind of government-encouraged family day and the director said we could all leave at 5pm instead of our usual 5.30pm.

Of cos happy lah! I get to do OT and leave at 7pm, so.. OK WHAT!




It was a hectic day for me. Stressful, shitty, whatever you may call it.


My day began with Mich buying me a can of soya bean milk. Thanks for the breakfast everyday! And i AM getting fatter you know... Soya bean milk is damn filling.


My fingerprint scanner started to act funny with me again. It didn't want to work.


I got Mich to go down first to FJ (food junction) and order for me the breakfast set of kaya toast, eggs and a cuppa tea. Shouldn't have eaten it. I've got a very strong feeling that i've got high cholesterol. My doc says there is a possibility since the milia seeds just keep appearing around my eyes, plus the fact that i absolutely love eggs. Early doomsday for me.


I emailed the fingerprint scanner supplier for help, while i waited for my supervisor to come and take a look at it.


Stayed in the lab during lunch. Became counsellor. Hope i didn't dish out rubbish advice though! Hah!

Someone SMSed me "How r u?", so i tried calling back to check if the number matched anyone in my phonebook. But the number wasn't stored in my phone, so i just ignored it. Then the person called and put down, then SMSed me "U there?". I decided to check my phonebook in my excel file instead, since i did not exactly transfer all the numbers from my old phone to my current one.

HOHOHO. Guess who it was? It's none other than my stupid bastard of an ex-boyfriend.. Won't mention his name here. Tarnishes my blog! PUI! The SMS brought back memories of hatred, anger and scorn. Funny, i felt afraid.


Did some ammendments to my program, but couldn't test it out with the scanner. So i decided to work on my report instead.


Break time again. We went to the canteen cos Mich wanted to eat her Muah Chee. You wouldn't believe it - we met TAMMY! She was sitting directly behind Mich, and facing me. Haha. INTERNATIONAL PORN STAR I SAY!!!

HELLO Tamms!! :D


Went back to the lab, received another email from the supplier, so i forwarded that to my supervisor. She came in not long after, and told me to hurry get my ass down to the supplier's office to get the bloody thing fixed. -__-"

"If cannot fix arh, den you got to pay for it arh" said my supervisor.


Went back home to grab the battery pack for my laptop. I didn't bring it initially cos of the weight, and i was like forced to go back to grab it. What a waste of time!


Their computer could not detect the scanner too. So it is therefore spoilt. Kind enough of them to loan me a set til Friday.

Life sucks.


Got my ass back in school again to complete my project shit. Didn't manage to do finish, but managed to get it somehow to work partially.


Picked Baby up at his office, and in the car i decided to tell him about my shitty day. Glad to know i have an understanding boyfriend. THANK YOU BABY!! :)


Baby's mum cooked western today. Yum. Love her cooking. My mum hardly ever cooks. But i think i ate too full, cos i'm like having some sort of indigestion right now.

SOMEONE took out my CDs from the CD changer in the car and blatently threw it in the glove compartment, ignoring the fact that i actually have a CD pouch inside for a bloody purpose.

And yah, my CD pouch was open too!!! Made me so angry to see my poor CDs get thrown around! I think i'll throw away all CDs that don't belong to me tomorrow.


Mummy initially wanted to use the car to drop her stupid cheque at OCBC. She claimed she forgot about the deadline today, and when she wanted to go post it, my lil sis was having too high a fever to leave her alone at home.

I don't see her looking after me when i am sick at home. Bah!

So she started bugging me at like 4pm. I mean, hello if the deadline was today, then isn't 4pm already over the cheque clearing time? Worse, she called me again at 6pm to bug me to detour back home to get the bloody cheque.

Mother, whether i deposit it at 4pm or at 11.59pm, it still doesn't make a difference cos the cheque clearing time is ALREADY over.

She just doesn't get it. I parked the car downstairs my block for her convenience, and was told that she doesn't need it after i arrive upstairs. So i had to go down to park it in the MSCP. Then i came up to complain about my CDs being thrown about, and she just claims that it is my fault.


Sigh. Life still sucks after writing this very long post.

Ahh. Must be the Monday Blues..

Friday, May 26, 2006

TCC Sucked

Went to Clarke Quay's TCC on a lovely Saturday night..

But service there sucked BIG TIME. Really BIG!!! You know it's big when i say it's BIG.....

Me(to waiter): Can you get us two more chairs?
Waiter: No i cannot do that mdm.
Me(??? wth): And why not?
Waiter: As you can see mdm, the whole place is full. We have a full house tonight.
Me: Ok, i can see that, but there are some people who put their bags on the chairs over there.
Waiter: There is nothing i can do mdm.
Me(fuming): But your waiter took away my chairs just now when i wasn't looking.
Waiter: Ok, but there are no more chairs left now.
Me(!!!!!!): Ok, forget it.

And we all shared chairs. Imagine 2 people sharing 1 chair, multiply that by 3... Yes, that was how we were sitting!

Goodness, if it wasn't for the location, i wouldn't even have gone there! Piece of shit TCC!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This is a very pointless entry.

I have 508 minutes of overtime to do.

Sounds even wierd-er when i tell you that i'm doing overtime for my final year project.


It's a torture, but i've gotta make up for the days that i'm late and the days where i skipped school without an MC.

Mich decided to do OT today, and i wouldn't be doing OT if it wasn't for her accompanying me. Thanks!

"Your final year project is as though you are working you know. You cannot come and go as you please!" rattles my supervisor.

Yah yah. Okay. I've got 9 days left to do overtime.

508 / 9 = 1 hr of OT everyday.

You think i'm mad ah? Do OT everyday?! You must be kidding!

Yes, this is a very pointless entry.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are You Ready?

I've got 35 pics to show you guys today!

Friday 19 May


I caught Mich using MSN in lab, and Ah-Bu(nickname for this indian girl called Bhuvanese who's Mich's partner) slapped her with a "fine"!


The dinner at Yoyogi was fantastic!

We arrived early, so we took a seat outside while waiting for the rest.

The distinguished guests arrived. We ordered our food. And here are the pictures!

Seaweed Vinegarette tasted like Taiwan Mee Sua - I love sour stuff, so i fancy this thing!

Baby shared a bottle of Cold Sake with Sol's gf

Then there was the Umi (or was it Uni??) Sashimi. Sea Urchin actually. Looked like something furry, but when you grab it with your chopsticks, it actually breaks up. Like the mashed egg yolks in egg mayonaise.

Tasted interesting - a bit creamy egg yolky kind of taste with a little watery feel when you swallow it.

It was like having raw Foie Gras (however you spell that)

Grilled Puffer Fish!!!! TASTED LIKE BAH KUA! Very nice very nice

First time i ate raw prawns. Everytime i think of prawns, they are like all smelly and what nots. Ewww. But this is heaven!

Sashimi Moriawase. Damn fresh!

Grilled Saba fish. Tasted ok.. Normal, nothing to rave about. Came with the Tempura Set Dinner

Tofu with Cheese. Hmm. Wasn't too bad. But i could make it at home too!

Beef Stew in Mirin sauce. It's so sweeeeet! But hey, i love sweet stuff!

Andy's half-eaten fish with what we all think looks like pink eggs. Tasted alright, a bit spicy, but there were lots of bones (just swallow..). Came with the Sushi Set Dinner

Steamed stuff, included in the Sushi Set Dinner

This Chawanmushi is good, tasty and smooth man! It has Tobiko on top.. I like! Part of the Tempura Set

Andy's Sushi Set

Baby shared the Tempura Set with me.. Nice!

The Japanese Tea Porridge came with our Tempura Set. Wasn't too bad. Tasted like our chinese-styled sliced fish porridge. Haha. I didn't eat the Ume (plum) on top, but when Baby did, he complained that the thing was so salty!

CAUTION: Don't eat the plum.

Miso Soup from Andy's Sushi set. Had like a zest of Yuzu in it - Nice bitter-sour-sweet aftertaste. Heehee i loved the small slippery mushrooms in it

I just realised that i forgot to take the picture of Sol's gf's Yuzu (Japanese Orange) ice cream.. Anyway, it all looks the same. Ice cream, you know? Haha.. In the meantime, here's a pic of our Momo (Peach) Ice Cream that came with our Set..

Momo Momo!!!

I am a lousy photographer with an even lousier camera phone. That is why everyone looks.. Blurred. Sorry!

I can still see that they look happy! :P

Need to find a way to super-impose myself into the previous picture..

Some signage hanging on the wall

Yoyogi can be found at:
33 Mohd Sultan Rd #01-05

Cost of dinner for the 7 of us: $300


For more dessert!

Violet Meringue. A very time-consuming way to cook beaten egg whites and sugar

But here comes the fun part... WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!

Had to break the meringue to eat it!

Le Royale - That was the best we tasted!!

Can someone tell me if you think this looks like Pandan Kaya cake?

Baby didn't know what it was, so he tasted it and said "This pandan kaya cake is good shit!" It was actually Matcha (green tea). Hahaha..

Strawberry shortcake was light, not too sweet nor sour.. I loved this too!

Can't remember the name of this one, but it was RICH!

ALIEN ALERT!: A hand came out from the right side, and tried to teleport the cake nearer!!!

The door, as you can see..

Hey, we weren't the only ones who were oogling!

Gab arrived after work, and he had the Tiramisu all by himself!

Canele Pattiserie Chocolaterie can be found at:
11 Unity St #01-09 Robertson Walk

Their cakes are priced at around $5-$6 a slice.

They open until 11pm on Thursdays - Saturdays!! WHEE!


Wall decos

Yes, i hate smoke!

Saturday 20 May

..Shaw Centre..

Went to the SK-II counter for their Afternoon Tea party. Nothing much, so we just grabbed our goodie bags and left.. Inside their big paper bag was..... A 11ml bottle of toner and a brouchure. And yah, that's about it!!!


Mich, this was the super duper nice Japanese Mochi that i was telling you about!

Damn nice and soft.. For $6 a packet, you can have a taste of how it literally melts in your mouth.. Ahh...

Dropped by the Anna Sui counter to sniff the new Dolly Girl on the Beach perfume, and they gave me this..

Jewel was sniffing it out too! My sentiments exactly - smells a tad like Secret Wish, but it's still nice!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I get angry often. I lose my cool and my blood goes rushing to my head. Steam starts puffing out of my ears. I almost feel crazy for a moment, then the feeling nuzzles.

A trigger goes off when i see or smell smoke.

Frankly, i hate smoke, cigarettes, soot, smokers.. You get the picture.

I was happy when we had dinner at Yoyogi (free of smoke). After dinner wasn't too bad - the smokers did their thing in an open-aired bakery cafe called Canele. Then came the after-after-dinner thing - we had wine at CornerStone in air-conditioned comfort but in a confined place where people could smoke.

How sucky is that? Lots of smokers, drinking wine and smoking at the same time - all in a confined area where the ceilings aren't too high to boast and the air barely circulates.

For an open-aired area it's fine, but for a confined space? Kills everyone inside! Not just me, not just you, but EVERYONE!

I for one, hate it, detest it, and irk at the feeling of it.

Never mind the smoke (and the smokers) for a while.. I was tired. Grouchy and tired.

Stayed up the previous night doing my work till late, then went to school and got lectured again by my supervisor for doing my report instead of doing my project (WTH right?!?). I didn't get any rest in school cos during my breaks, i was trying to give my report a little more attention.

I worked damn hard today. :) Felt a sense of accomplishment. *YAY*

But. I was tired and grouchy nonetheless.

I felt like i took on certain kiddy character roles:

  • Sleeping Beauty - The smoke was making my eyes close.

  • Oscar the Grouch - Baby was puffing and puffing and puffing away.

  • Kim Possible - Stupid laptop was so heavy.

  • Oscar the Grouch - Locked the car, walked a distance (yes, with the laptop!) then realised the house keys were in the car.

  • Mr Snuffalaffagus - My legs were tired, i was wearing high heels and i almost tripped on the stairs down.

It's 3am in the middle of the night. How do you expect me to think of so many kiddy character names at this moment? HELLO?!

So. That made me mainly Oscar the Grouch.


ARGH! Let me grumble for a while can? Er actually..until 2 June can?

Friday, May 19, 2006

My 5 Minutes of Frustration

I am damn bloody stressed up right now.

Last minute work. The deadline is drawing near - anytime between 29 May to 2 June. Goodness!

Didn't go school today cos i just didn't feel like putting myself through the stress everyday at school. The stress of not being able to churn out something which is termed as productive.

My project supervisor is giving me stress!

Mich said she walked in 3 times today. That's a record. Lucky i wasn't there.

Otherwise.. DIE.

So i didn't wanna take a MC at first. Ran out of stuff to tell the doc, and well..ran out of docs to tell stuff too anyway.

Works both ways.

So i took an MC nonetheless. All because she walked in the lab 3 times today while i wasn't around. When the other 2 guys came back from their ultra long smoking break, she lectured and lectured them..

She just goes on and on..


I wonder why she doesn't get tired of shouting and screaming at the top of her voice when clearly we are sitting there, right beside where she is standing at.

We keep poking fun at her - me and Mich.

My supervisor wears ultra high platforms to work everyday. She IS short, and there is no denial of that. But how can anyone walk in those things?! Geez!

And she screams(!!!) when she talks, as if to make herself look bigger, mightier, and perhaps loftier.

So we concluded - she has an inferiorty complex.


Enough about her. Spoils my blog. Gonna end soon already, so i'm thanking my stars.. No, i should thank God. Yes, that's right.

I'll post again soon.

Back to my work now..........

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seeking nail polish lovers

Or anyone at all interested in nail stuff. :)



I wanna order some nail stuff from overseas, and they require a bulk order before they can ship it over to SG.

Items available:

  1. Accessories
  2. Acrylics
  3. Airbrushes
  4. Bottles & Jars
  5. Buffers & Files
  6. Decals
  7. Nail drills
  8. Dryers
  9. Equipment
  10. Glues
  11. Implements
  12. Lotions
  13. Nail art colours
  14. Paraffin
  15. Pedicure
  16. Pedicure spas
  17. Nail polishes
  18. Polish removers
  19. Rhinestones
  20. Stencils
  21. Sterilisers
  22. Signs
  23. Nail tips
  24. Toe rings
  25. Treatment
  26. UV Gels
  27. Waxes
  28. Wraps

Product cost:

OPI Nail polishes are at US$3.75 for a regular-sized bottle, excluding shipping. China Glaze is at US$2.48 a bott HA HA HA!

Shipping cost:

US$65 for a max of 20lbs by UPS 7 Days Express. The more ppl buy, the better we split the shipping costs! YAY!

Why should you buy:

  1. Cos I said so
  2. US$ is at a LOW right now, so it works towards our advantage when the banks do the exchange rates for us
  3. I desperately need to buy something online, so i hope you feel the itch too
  4. It is damn bloody cheap lor
  5. Ok, you should stop asking why!!!


So yeps, i hope to consolidate a bulk order of 50 bottles of nail polish at least. Otherwise it doesn't make any sense to bring the stuff in direct.

Email me (if you have my email) / Drop me a message on MSN or Friendster / Tag on my board if you are interested.

Thankies Peeps! ;)

I can't stop eating!

Haven't blogged for a week cos i've been busy... Snap snap snap all the pics, but no time to edit and post em up! LOL :P

Here goes nothing...

Mother's Day dinner on 13/05

Didn't know what to get for the other mothers in the family. So my sis decided that we should order the mother's day cake from The Patissier.

Affection - $56/kg after discount

The taste of fresh roses and a hint of lychee lingered in my mouth for a while after i took the first bite. Tasted odd, i do say.

Owen's Bday on 15/05

Had to drop by Taka to collect my Tiffany stuff that i sent for cleaning. I am a cheapskate. I refuse to buy the cloth and cleaning solution, therefore i send my items to them for cleaning all the time. Their jewellery are expensive, and although they provide a FOC cleaning service, you have to wait 5 working days to collect it back! Dumb.

Bought this along the way cos i love cutesy stuff..

Wierd taste. I think i'll stick to their normal strawberry flavour. Haha.

I painted some pop art on my nails, if you can squint your eyes and see, it's quite horrible actually. Kinda interested in taking a professional course, but can only do it once i find the money for it! Haha. Any sponsors?

Bought a substitute for a cake - a Beard Papa cream puff - for Owen actually. Didn't take a pic of it! Arghhhh....

Dinner at a coffee shop in Katong

More food!

YUM! YUM! YUM! $170 for the 11 of us.

Finished off the night with drinks at a friend's pub in Boat Quay

Gelare @ Siglap yesterday

I love Tuesdays cos waffles are half priced at Gelare!

Their outlet in Siglap just renovated not long ago.

Not that cozy anymore, but it is very brightly lit! I LIKE!

As i probably have mentioned this a thousand times - i am a cheapskate. :) I grumbled when i learnt that Baby ordered chocolate sauce (extra $$) for the waffles and that the water was chargable! Grrrr...

Baby didn't know that certain toppings - whipped cream and maple syrup - were FOC, therefore he ordered the chocolate sauce, thinking they were all the same price.

Seriously. I hate the no-free-water policy. It's a plus to the retailer but a minus to the consumer. I'll have to think twice about going to Gelare again!

Boo-hoo no whipped cream and maple syrup for me!

If i knew Baby was gonna order chocolate sauce, i'd have ordered my Macadamia Nut ice cream. Chocolate overload + chocolate sauce = DAMN SWEET!