Thursday, March 31, 2005

"within grace period: free parking"

finished sch today. was driving along amk, minding my own business and there came an xyz driver who was incidently driving one of my favourite cars. (yes, the one with 266bhp.) it was raining, though not heavy. the roads were wet nonetheless.

by my theorem, the braking distance when driving on a wet road is calculated by TWICE that of the normal braking distance of the car's brakes, than that of a sunny day. this is of course subjected to the quality and minus some wear and tear of the brakes (and may i add, my stock brakes are 16 mths old and only the front are discs, while the back ones are drums).

now, this driver, with the all wheel drive and a cai (CAI here, refers to a female passenger - most oftenly perceived as a bimbo who enjoys free rides from guys with hot cars, and not the cold air intake) in his car, (goodness knows whether it was on purpose) drove like he owned the road, speeding up and slowing down whenever he wanted to.

i was very much annoyed with this particular driver, because all i wanted was to quickly get my tummy filled by dropping by the nearest shilin taiwan snacks stall and bring it home as fast as my gastric doesn't take its toll on me, and yet he refused to budge off the centre lane, then rudely cut in front of my car when i was nearing a traffic light.

the roads are wet. hello?

you see, that's why there is a terrible need for the government to implement a 24/7/365 courtesy campaign in singapore! they should slap fines on rude people like the:

1. security guards in my school (if i can find the time, i'll retell that story)
2. cashiers who do not say thank you
3. disgusting males who spit and dig their noses in public, oblivious of the law which already states that people who spit would get a $150 fine
4. neighbours who do not care whether or not you are holding the lift specially for them
5. taxi drivers who would cut into your lane as if it was their only right
6. mercedes and bmw drivers who would straddle between their lane and yours, just because their car is big (why can't they straddle between the other lanes instead?)
7. ah beng drivers who would come out of their cars to challenge you to a fight, just because you horned at them (no, they should be put to life imprisonment because they are a menace to society)
8. writer's block. i'm stuck and can't think.

so you get my point.

the traffic light turned green, i drove happily along, and the very same xyz driver seemed to be travelling the same route as me. i cursed under my breath. now it seemed as though i was following him, because of obvious reasons like my car's only a stock 1.6 and it could never beat a 2.0.

still, i'm thankful for this piece of metal from mazda. it's better than taking the public transport, with all those wierd people taking the same bus/mrt with you. too many bad experiences - it just freaks me out.


he turned left. i turned left. he u-turned. i u-turned. he turned in the carpark. i turned in the carpark. he parked there. i parked opposite. he got out of the car with his cai. i got out of my car.

"what are you looking at, you imbecile?", i thought to myself. i smirked as i thought he wouldn't even be able to understand the meaning of that word.

i walked off to buy my egg crepe and mee sua. came back to my car. drove to the exit, and voila!

read title now

at least i didn't have to pay for parking! hehe.

now, isn't blogger SOOoooooo much better than friendster blogs? hahaha. i love it!