Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who stands next to you?

I'd just like to say this - Singapore is really small!!!!!! Everyone knows everyone here, and it's so hard to run away from it. Sometimes it's your past that creeps up to you, and sometimes it's just amusing that we have such close relations to one another.

The person beside you in the MRT (let's just hope this person does not have body odour) could very well be your friend's friend, and you wouldn't know it either! Well, that is until Friendster goes mobile. =) I'll be waiting for a GPS-based program to be installed on everyone's phone!

So instead of "who lives near you", you'll get "who's standing next to you"!

Hmm. I'm not quite sure if it's queer, scary or plain puzzling. I can't make up my mind.

But one thing's certain - it's definitely gonna be a good laugh over dinner!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Money money money

I was so frustrated with my moles that i decided to remove them. Walked into this place where Jovis recommended, then got it removed on the spot. Hahaha... Think the next thing i'll do is to remove my milia seeds...

Total damage today: $115.50 *cry*

Will update if the mole comes back!


Bought a total of 4 items at the Mango sale. Stupid sale. Always don't have my size!!!

1 yellow long long long t-shirt $17
1 black sleeveless t-shirt with lace straps $19
1 white low neck t-shirt $24
1 denim skirt $49

Total damage at mango: $109


Aiyah, don't wanna update already. So sian.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I must be crazy. I'm driving myself nuts.

I started attachment on 5th June, and boy do i say it was the most terrible first-day-of-work. I arrived late at 9.15am, despite staying over Baby's place the night before. I reached my workplace to some clueless receptionists who apparently did not know what i was talking about.

After maybe 10 phone calls to 10 different people, i felt like a lost sheep.


Turns out in the end that there was a briefing on the last day of school, and during that briefing, the attachees interns were told to report for work at 1.30pm. Since i arrived there early, my supervisor said i could get a few hours time off, so i could arrive work at 4pm later that day. I got myself breakfast and went back to Baby's place after that to rest before coming back for work.

While back at his place, my supervisor called and told me that i had to go back to office at 1pm for a briefing. I was so pissed and i nearly wanted to argue my way through. Imagine if i had really gone home.. My workplace is about an hour's mrt and bus ride away from my house!

So that sums up my frustrations on the first day of work.


The workload has been good. There's nothing much i need to do at work - yet. I basically do the reception duties and the maintainance of the computers at work. Come tomorrow, my supervisor is gonna give me a web-based application project to work on. I hope i don't end up wrecking my brains on it!

Good thing my supervisor has a bit of conscience. I requested to take time off on a certain two days next week, and he said ok! And that's without me having to pay back the hours. Hmm. I wonder if the company will dock my pay though...

Never mind that. Let's talk about my customers.

They drive me crazy. And i'm quite sure that if you were in my shoes, you would be too. I've got people from all walks of life - the nerds, the bengs, the absolute hooligans, the old grouchy people, the kids who always find ways to wile you out of the money in the cash register...

Ok.. Keep guessing my occupation. I'm not telling. Muahaha~


Remember earlier on i mentioned that i requested for time off? That too is driving me crazy. It's so time consuming (and pointless, come to think of it), i wondered to myself why i decided to go for it initially anyway.

And i think i am too fat. I mean, hey, it's a fact! Why do you think i take ages to upload pictures? Because i photoshop each and every one of them! What else? Hahaha!

Women are obsessed with their weight and there's no denial of that.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

As promised... :) 40 Freaking Pictures!!!

1st June

My presentation cue cards.. Did i mention that it sucked?

2nd June

Lovely home cooked dinner by Baby's mum.. My mum doesn't cook you know...

I bought the anniversary cake from Patissier.. $10 only (for members on that day)!

3rd June

I did my own nails for a photoshoot.. Very pretty but expensive i do say...

I thought this was a funny sight.. People sitting dangerously on the truck...

We went to Rouge that night.. This photo shows Celine writing a note to her ex schoolmate sitting opposite us...

Dropped by Babyface later that night.. Canto Pop...

4th June

Some stupid parents were setting a bad example for their kids by trying to scare the poor stray dog.. I despise people like these!

5th June

First day on attachment.. Almost got driven crazy by my customers...

6th June

Dropped by school to return an item to my lecturer.. Stopped by my lab, and our post-its were still there!

7th June

Had a nice lunch at Tonkichi.. Agedashi tofu melted in my mouth...

My hire katsu shoyu ramen.. Yum!

Baby's hire katsu don..

Baby was exceptionally hungry.. :P

Went Gotham Penthouse after work with Joreen.. Free entry + drinks... :)

First time in the queue for MOS!! We were VERY excited!!!

Yours truly in the MOS 2nd floor toilet..

I think Jo looks like Jolin Tsai.. Maybe its her name...

In the 1st floor toilet.. We love taking pictures in them but i think she hates paparazzi...

Not as clean as the 2nd floor toilet though.. :/

8th June

Baby bought me dinner from Fong Seng's nasi lemak.. So sweet...

9th June

I got mobbed during shopping to this secret location..

Look what became of me.. OMG~

A new look, perhaps..?

Baby had his hair cut in the uber hip Haji Lane..

While waiting for Celine to finish work.. We also ordered satay...

Had a proper western dinner at an amk kopitiam..

Me and Angela Chang! No.. It's actually Celine...

The stall's name is Botak Jones.. And they've got 8 staffs on duty!!!

Which western food stall gives you 4 sauces to choose from..?!

Huge ceasar's salad..

Huge rosemary lamb steak.. Yum!

Huge bacon wrapped hot dog.. Yum!!

Wilson looks set to indulge!

Huge (their stuff all come in huge portions) cajun chicken burger.. Yum!!!

My huge cajun chicken steak.. Damn filling!

They call it mud cake.. But i taste cheese in it...

We absolutely dig Emerald Hill!

We had white dessert wine for a change.. Was nice, light, floral and sweet..!

Drank this all up at Que Pasa!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I promise i will blog soon with lots and lots (and i really mean LOTS) of pictures..

Don't go anywhere else k! :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some cards...

My presentation sucked.