Saturday, November 26, 2005

So many days!

22 Nov - My thirteenth month anni with my Baby

Had a pre-bday celebration with my 2 dearies Xuelin and Clarice. Brought them to Angus House at Ngee Ann City for a nice steak dinner. Yum! It was my treat of course, since it was my birthday we were celebrating. The bill came up to $255 because we had red wine!!!

Hopped over to The Balcony at Heeren after that. Was a lovely place with nice loungy music (i like!), funky crowd (i saw Wendy there too), big glasses of alcoholic jelly drinks (i'll post pics up soon...), a unisex toilet and (beat this!) a JACUZZI! So cool!

P/S: The butch waitress tried to hit on Xuelin. Haha. I'll post pics the next time round!

Baby came to pick me after that.

Surprise surprise! Now comes the exciting part of receiving birthday presents!!!

He bought me... a carmat to replace my old ones. Then he whipped out this packet of char-kuey-teow-looking packet with a pair of chopsticks (how else to eat?! haha).

But wait.

I sniff (like a true dog-year-born me) to packet wearily.

How could he buy me a packet of food, knowing that i had dinner before that with the girls? Hmm........

I unwrap it.

GASP! He bought me the annabel chong tee from localbrand.net! Hehe. Just what i wanted! :D

So we walk out of the car (at last) towards my block. Suddenly the car alarm goes off. So we backtrack and see if we forgot to close the door properly. He asks me to go and see if the boot is closed properly. So i go there, open it and.......

FWAH! I got another present lying in the boot! Hehehe...

I bring it upstairs to open it, and guess what it is.... It's the philips epilator that i've been wanting to get!

Hehehe so sweet my baby! I LOVE YOU TO BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAACCCKKKSSSSS

23 Nov - My Bday

Went school for class as usual. Turns out that we didn't have class at all because my lecturer had an external meeting with outsiders. So i basically went school for nothing because that was my only lesson of the day. Haha.

Came back home. Baby took half a day off just to spend it with me. Hehe.

He came to pick me up and we went to get my bday cake. He initially wanted to order from choc-a-block, but they stopped taking orders by the time my baby tried to book (grrr). So i suggested we go to another cake shop which i read from reviews that it wasn't too bad.

The Patissier! Hehehe. Branded cakes. Haha.

We were lucky that they sold 1kg cakes off the shelf. So we quickly made our order for a Coco Nepoleon. It looked like tiramisu because of the mascarpone cheese and chocolate mix. What's so special is that it has this layer of nuttella-like thing (choc + hazelnut) and it has this crunchy biscuit base too.

Absolutely sinful and truly to die for!!!!!! Thankfully it's not that sweet. It's just right for a chocolate cake! I loved it!!!

P/S: It's $63/kg if you're thinking of buying. Hehe.

Since the cake shop was in mohd sultan, we decided to have lunch at killiney. The coffee shop we went to had a toilet whereby we had to climb the stairs to get there. Haha. So wierd!

Did some supermarket shopping after that for the goodie bags. I went back home after that and prepared the finishing touches for my door gifts.

It's pretty cute if you ask me!

Had dinner at this quaint lil restaurant at Bendemeer. On the wall, a sign reads "The first restaurant in the world to offer Yu Sheng".

Really meh?

Dinner was fantastic. We hopped to Crew Room @ Selegie after that for some drinks. Yes yes yes, this was when i gave out my thank-you gifts!!! :D

So fun rite!

Aiyah ok lah i'm quite tired so i'll continue blogging another time. Zzz. Tmr's my cousin's wedding. Gotta get some beauty sleep! ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How ah... What to wear??

Does anyone know where i can get a dress that looks like the one below worn by Katie Leung at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

I think i could wear something like that to my cousin's wedding this coming Saturday. Hee. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Some pics that i owe you guys... Hehe...

My bag i was telling you guys about.. It's a bday present from my bf's mum!:

Went JB to shop for shoes and spent S$50 for 2 pairs!:

Despite my nails being ugly, i did my manicure and pedicure in the hope of salvaging them. Cost me only S$35 for a french mani and a normal pedi! The tips of my nails are in bright pink with lots of glitter on them:

Will post more pics when i've got the time!

John 8:7

I quote.

"Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her."

All these hoo-ha about people-who-have-blogs have got me reading a little more these days than i should have been blogging. Ha!

I am referring to the person-who-owns-a-blog Dawn.

She is the reigning queen of yahoo searches, technorati matches, and (woah!) tommorow.sg talks. Truth be told, she is currently even hotter than Wendy!

There are so many blogs that i've been reading. Karen, Wendy, Dawn, and (of course) that of the person whom the ip address that i've been posting up belongs to.

People have views, and we are individuals in our own right. I may read their blogs, but i can't totally say that i agree or disagree with them a full 100%.

I just simply enjoy reading their blog entries because somehow or another, i can relate to them in a certain way.


Karen - for those lovely pictures of places that i have no money to go to, thanks for giving me a view of them!

Wendy - for those absolutely hillarious entries, your wit, and really, your outright frankness. Kudos to you!

Dawn - for your pictures (who cares if they're real or fake?). Many would love to be in your shoes!

That Person - thanks for visiting my site faithfully and giving me lotsa hits on my page. I have to return favours, you know. ;)


True, i disagree with some of their views. And no, i don't intend to follow in the bad aspects. (Disclaimer: I am not saying that i am perfect.) But before we start lashing out at them, do we stop and think about ourselves too?

No, more often than not, we don't.

I've learnt to curb what i'm typing out here. Does nobody any good, does it? By speaking my own feelings, i get backlashed, backstabbed, and backthrottled.

Is it worth the trouble?

Absolutely not.

If you think you have never sinned, please, feel free to go ahead and throw the stone.

Here's what i've been guilty of doing before:

* I used a handicap toilet because the normal one was full and i was damn urgent
* I wore braces to make my teeth more perfect
* I stole someone's childhood sweetheart away from her because i was simply selfish (yes, i admit!)
* I photoshop my pictures! Hahaha...

Okay, maybe you are a goody-two-shoes and you've never used a handicap toilet ever in your life. Have you failed to keep the lift door open for the old uncle who's staying in the same block as you? Or maybe you've over-used the word "Hello?! Are you blind/deaf?".

Not enough to make you feel guilt?

How about pimple/whitening/body firming/sunscreen creams or even concealer/foundation/blusher? Don't even think you can run away, because these count too!

What? You still don't get my point?

So the part about stealing guys away is wrong. It is wrong kids, so please do not follow in my footsteps. But hey, i've learnt my mistake and moved on.

What's most important is that i'm not doing it anymore (i promise!) and i thank the support of my friends who've stayed friends with me despite that.

For those who've decided not to - then and now - please think about when you want to forgive me. I'm ever willing to apologise for my past mistakes.

I've grown up already! Whee!

Heehee. But i still photoshop and would still continue to photoshop my pictures. What's wrong with photoshopping, anyway? This IS the cyber world after all.

Putting it simply - if you don't like it, then i welcome you to leave any time. It's tough because as much as i want it to be, i just can't please everyone.


So i conclude...

Give those people (ah..yes.. including myself) a break, please. I'm sure you don't want someone else doing the same to you too.

Go read John 8:1-12. You'll feel enlightened.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fantastic Four


Saturday, November 12, 2005

3 Numbers Already


Friday, November 11, 2005

Lookie Here!

Someone's coming in even more often than i come in to blog!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is getting to be a shopping blog...

20% OFF STOREWIDE at all Metro stores (yes, again!!!)

11-13 November 2005

Shopping Hours:
Fri & Sat -- 10AM-11PM
Sun -- 10AM-10PM

And for the benefit of those who read my blog faithfully, i shall post this additional piece of information to you...

Credit vouchers with value equivalent to 20% discount will be issued in place of an outright discount for purchases of these brands:

Cosmetics & Fragrances:-

  • Aramis, Biotherm, Clarins, Clinique

  • Dior, DKNY, Estee Lauder, Ettusais

  • Kanebo, Kose, Lancome, Origins

  • Shiseido, Sisley, SK-II, Stila

  • Tommy Hilfiger, YSL


  • Calvin Klein, Choice by Calvin Klein, Pour Moi

  • Triumph, Wacoal

Men's Underwear:-

  • Calvin Klein

Men's Accessories:-

  • Oregon Scientific


  • Diesel, DKNY

  • Fossil, Swatch


I spent $145 today at my hair stylist's salon (he opened his own salon at last!).

Had my hair coloured violet! (No pics, sorry!)

It's a really dark shade, and you wouldn't be able to see it unless i'm under sunlight. But i like that it hid the ugly colours that were growing out on my head.

Yes, it's just one colour, but the cost included a hair cut, hair treatment and a free 250ml bottle of shampoo too.

Quite ok what, don't you think so?


I feel pretty today.



My buyer pissed me off, yet again.

Hello, my time is precious!

So i compromised and decided to settle the deal by me sending the item to her and we both pay half price for the postage.

I wish i didn't have to sell it to her, if i really had a choice.

Some people are just so stingy.

What is wrong with all these people?!


Heard two stories today. One was a disappointing story about love. The other was a shocking story about love.

I'm amazed at these people.



Monday, November 07, 2005

11 Days To Go!

If your ip address looks like this: ***.***.**.***

I know what you did. =)

Gaga Over Bags...

Remember my Santi bag that i posted in my last post?

Well, when i took it out again from its dust bag, i realised that the gold plated catch at the side of the bag had dropped its gold colour by quite a fair bit, even though i haven't even worn it out before.


So i took it back to the shop to get it changed.

It was their last piece (they bring in less than 5 pieces of each bag design because the designers themselves make the bag so exclusive!), so i had to exchange it for another item.

So here it is... My S$360 Via Repubblica bag:

(Ok i'll post the pic up later...)

If you wanna see the close up pics, you can view the bag at: http://www.bada.co.jp/shop/vbs/vrp/vrp041228.html

Can you believe that site is selling the bag at S$500?

Thank goodness Daryl's mum bought me this in Singapore! Hehehe... What are the chances of finding someone else with the same bag as me in SG? Almost zilch!



I'll end this post with some of the stuff i saw online that i absolutely love...

Let's now all drool together!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Siao liao.


I bought $777 worth of SK-II stuff just to hit the target of $1500 to become a Gold club member.

Now i have a big problem. Nobody's gonna care that i've got a bad case of sniffles and a sore throat.


I need to work my ass off to pay that bill back. Sigh...

And Daryl's mum bought me an early christmas pressie... From the exclusive bag shop Clodette! (i think that's how you spell it...)

Oh.. What bliss!

Stupid Camera

I am so fed up because my camera can't work because it's battery is flat and i can't seem to find the charger.


No blog posts until i find that darned charger.