Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In lab now!

Having a packet of Meiji Plain Crackers and a tetrapack of Yeo's Lemon Barley for lunch. Cool eh?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Of Blowjobs and Stuff

Yesterday, while having teh-ccino with some of Baby's friends at a prata shop alongst New Bridge Rd, we glanced at a middle-aged lady walk past. Can't remember what she was wearing on top, though it must have been something not nude definitely. DUH.

All eyes were on her cutesy-pleated somewhat youthful mini skirt and her killer stillettos that would probably serve as a defence weapon should she be attacked under any circumstance. She was most likely around her early 40s, just in case you wanted to have a better image of her.

So anyway.

Immediately after we caught sight of her, one of his friends identified her as a "FL", or better known as a FreeLance prostitute.

Hmm. Interesting. I didn't knew there was such a term. Apparently, this term "FL" has been used for quite a long while now, and people who are avid readers (or contributors, HEH!) of our local sammyboy forum would be able to identify with the term very well. For a simple reason of course - they are extremely interested in our local sex (or prostitution) scene.

I digressed. Hehe.

Returning to my main point; it was nothing about this FL lady to begin with, and neither is this post about the sammyboy vice. This was merely the prelude to it, and the conversation subsequently progressed to the different mandarin terms often used with regard to sex.

Then i said "Hey, i know the word 'Chui Xiao' (literally translated as blow flute)", and beamed with pride of a little girl who just aced her studies with distinctions.

Then everyone went like o.O --> O.o --> >.< --> -__-" then they laughed... At me.

-__-""" Ok, so maybe it wasn't a good idea to be saying such things.

But the idea of acting innocent or even portraying oneself with the littlest hint of being a "Shu Nu" (when you are obviously not) just doesn't appeal to me. I mean, some girls just love doing it for some reason i cannot fathom, and guys just fall head over heels over them! WTH. Thank goodness Daryl is not like that, otherwise i'll have a hard time wearing the sheep's clothing everyday!

Since i am not, therefore i should not pretend to be ignorant about such things in a desperate effort to please men with stereotypes of women being "Shu Nu"s.

It is the 21st century, for goodness sake! People are not as conservative as they were 10 years ago. We are living in the age where according to statistics, Singaporeans have an average of 7.2 sexual partners each, and every adult human has done a BJ for someone at least once (brokeback mountain or not)!

Hahaha. JUST KIDDING about the second part though. ;)

The first part is true however, according to the durex global sex survey 2005. Geez. If there is truth in this statistic, and if all of us aren't truly that chaste after all, then why do we have to conform ourselves to the "ideal girlfriend" image in this case? It's damn tiring lor!

Do men like the sweet and innocent "girl next door" types? Then i guess Tomb Raider wouldn't have gotten much success then, since Angelina Jolie was the female lead.

Do men like their gfs/wives submissive? Then what's up with women initiating divorces anyway?

Do men like their partners to be pure all the time? Then every female down the road would be a virgin till their death bed!

MEN and their logic! Argh.

I therefore draw the conclusion that i DO NOT and WILL NOT mind my language until the very day i breath my last upon this earth. Who cares about what people think, anyway?

I will not live my life by someone's dictations.

I live my life the way i want to live it - full of zest, full of colourful experiences, and just being happy.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures i took on April's Fools!

More coming soon!