Thursday, August 17, 2006


I blogged yesterday morning with reference to a friend of mine, without first looking at her blog. This morning, i saw the tag post and i checked her blog. From there, i could see that she is quite troubled over some issues.

Funny how it was meant to work this way. The timing is so coincidental. She usually blogs of happiness and how she spends her lovely weekends. This time it was different, she blogged of sadness and confusement. She was down and lost.

God works like this, you see.

He wants you to see that you have gone away from Him too long. He comes in at that moment to tell you that He's still around, and that He is there by your side in times like this.

My great grandmother passed away a few weeks back. I only saw her once a year during CNY, although i used to see her quite often during my growing-up years. 2 months ago, she was warded into hospital because she had a stroke. She couldn't even talk, but she could hear us.

I regret not being able to speak Cantonese well, although i do know the minimal basics. I can understand Cantonese though, but what was the point in understanding when my great grandmother couldn't even speak?!

I cried then, knowing that i was unable to help ease her pain and give more consoling words. God took her back a few weeks ago, and we know she's happier there. If your loved one is sick, please give him all the love that you can give. Because you'll never know when God will take him back, and by then, it'll be too late for regrets.


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