Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's that time of the year AGAIN.


You either love it or hate it.

Well... I love it because..

1. I get presents!
2. I have another excuse to buy new clothes/bags/shoes/etc.
3. It's fun dressing up.
4. People get to receive the things that i think are nice and are suitable for them.

So much for the nice stuff. There's always the negative side of things. So here's why i hate it..

1. I've got no freakin money to buy everyone a gift.
2. I've got no freakin bloody money to buy new clothes/bags/shoes/etc.
3. Some people think i have poor taste.
4. My christmas invitations are getting lesser.
5. My stupid damn exams are like 2 weeks from christmas.

Argh. I am annoyed with myself.


I shop at sales sometimes. Therefore i am a cheapo.



1. Daryl's presie + one for myself --> It should arrive in the mail soon!!! SO EXCITING!

2. 2 sis' pressies + one for myself again --> I can't say it here cos they may read it. These aren't sold in Singapore!

3. Daryl's mum's pressie + one for myself omg again --> Haha. It's so pretty and they come in one-off pieces! I can bet nobody else has it in Singapore! Hahaha. *grin*

4. Sexy halter with plunging neckline and backline --> Nothing much to show, so i've gotta make the best of it!

5. (Digressing...) Beige sneakers from the Mango sale --> HAHAHA. I go crazy everytime there's a Mango sale!!!

Then i...

psychoed mummy to buy me my christmas present today too. It's a gold coloured bag from a HK brand called StellaStella. Looks like the LV Speedy. I love it! Price is reasonable and the quality's not bad too!

So yep, that's about all i've gotta say. Till the next time...