Friday, July 30, 2004

thanks delon + weij!

after 6 gruelling hours of playing mahjong, i won $10.80!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

it just isn't my day...

woke up late for school. reached school at 8.45am for my lab, 45 minutes after class had already started. the blur me, got into class, didn't know what was going on, tried to turn on the pc, so i pressed the reset button and......... I GOT A BIG HELL OF A LECTURE FROM EVERYONE - my classmates, lecturer, and lab technician. EVERYONE.

little did i know that everyone was banned from touching the reset button because it causes the rest of the computers in that network to shut down as well, and the lab technician would have to write a report to the higher management because of my action.


well, what a way to start the day... but what to do, life still goes on!


had a very bland lunch of "lor mee". was sucky! stayed back a lil while after school to do the lab which i haven't completed. had mcdonald's nuggets after that. haven't had them in a long while! went to my gram's place, talked to xuelin for 1hr 15mins on my mobile phone. haha. there goes my phone bill...

had dinner with my dearest at last today. thought we could have a romantic dinner at the hawker centre with him alone... until i found out that he had asked his friend along as well. heh! went over his place to watch vcd for a little while.

during dinner we received a call from fanny, whom i have just found out is mr alan tan sili's ex gjrlfriend! if there are more gossips, i'll let you guys know first hand lah...

so yeah, my baby told me just now that "you everyday cannot like that meet me, otherwise your studies will get affected".


was kinda troubled by the words he's been saying to me for the past few days. i almost knocked into the back of a bus just now while on the way back, and a motor cyclist too. OPEN UR FREAKING EYES WILL YA, STEPH?

ok, i'm getting tired! need to rest, then i'll be able to complete my assignment before going school tomorrow morn. good night!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

7th heaven

the past week passed like a breeze.

i spent every day with my Love, and just can't get enough of him! he's been a great partner, and all that i could ever ask for. I LOVE YOU BABY!

enough of the mushy stuff... i'll write about today before i fall asleep.


woke up at 8am to get my butt out of my Love's nest. i chirped merrily for him to wake up, and he reluctantly did. after speeding like a bullet along still road (it's not that still after all...), we got stuck in a birdy traffic jam on the pie. thus causing me to reach home late, and in turn, caused myself to be late for my appointment with the girls.

rushed as fast as i could through bathing, ironing, and changing, then took a cab down to toa payoh mrt to pick clarice and xuelin up. we were going back to CHIJ Secondary to visit the teachers! YAY! so fun, heehee.

was surprised that mrs tang (our former chinese teacher) still remembers me. yup, i was the infamous student who never did her chinese compositions nor have i ever pass a class test before. ANYWAY, the bottom line is that she remembers me. ;)

finished with that, then went out with my Love. we watched King Arthur, then bought me a $65 alarm clock at last! (it's really loud...)

got stood up because only when i reached my workplace, then only did they tell me that my assignment is cancelled. BASTARDS.

Monday, July 12, 2004

baby, i'm sorry.

hmm. my blog isn't being updated despite me updating it a few days back. (and the fucking bitch still hasn't done anything about the clothes that were thrown in my room.)

yes yes, i know i've disappointed all you blog fans of mine...

but, there are times when you have to understand that technology can go very wrong sometimes, in this case, breaking down on me.

hah! so much for me complaining about everyone else's comp, now that it has happened to yours truly.

it has been a very sad/busy/stressful/sickly week for me. in fact, i'm quite busy for the days to come as well. looks like i'll only be free like after september?!

*CCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY* (if you couldn't read it, it's cry.)


if you guys want to know more about me and ivan, i'm sorry to disappoint once again.

no progress has been made. in fact, the other day he made me quite mad because he tried to "test" my feelings for him.

[ivan: i know you're reading this right now. but i don't give a damn. hmpf!]

the problem lies with... ME.

i don't like being attached. it kills my freedom, messes up my schedule, creates havoc in my heart, tumbles in my dreams... what more can i ask for, than to just stay the way we are right now?


can't people just understand the fact that i'm busy (to the power of infinity or slightly less)???

school timetable - i go to school from 8am-5pm on mondays and tuesdays, 8am-1pm on wednesdays, 10am-9.30pm on thursdays, and thank goodness i've got fridays off!

home work - tons of them piling up already. lecturers are force feeding us with as much information as they can. i've got deadlines for projects already.

1st week of school - i came only for 1 day of lesssons last week. had club crawl on tuesday and wednesday, then fell sick with gastric on thursday.

cca - deadlines. the pressure to be the best leader. the scary thing about leading. politics. orientation. blood donation drive. so many things undone, so little time to plan.

off days - even during my free time after school on wednesdays or on fridays i have to think about my projects and club stuff. meetings are never ending. in fact we even met on sunday for a 3 hour long meeting.

see how much time i have left for myself?

i want to go clubbing, but i know i can't wake up the next morning. i want to play mahjong but i know i have other stuff that's more important. xuelin's back in singapore, and we hardly have time to meet up too.

[xuelin + clarice: we are supposed to have high tea my dears, aren't we?]

i don't even have time for jewel now. i missed church last weekend too. argh...

thank goodness my comp's down. if not, it's gonna be worse. argh. i've been typing for a long while now. my classes are gonna start soon. miss ya guys loads. will blog once i have the time. *muacks*

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


continuation from yesterday's post because i fell asleep while typing it halfway...

i'll just make it short and sweet because it's already 1.25am and i've got to be in school at 8am tomorrow.


i hate it when i'm being wronged.

FUCKING wronged.


too crude? you guys would curse and swear too if you were in my shoes.

on a plain friday night. i was to go devil's bar with clarice. she came over. i changed in and out of clothes... ladida... saw my sister's new top from mango. haha looks ok lah. might match with my black skirt. ok i shall wear it. maybe get her a new one back another day.

then again i changed my mind.

the top was too fucking large for me. i decided to dump the shirt on my table top and change into my speghetti strapped top instead. "ahh, i look good tonight" i thought. :)

shook my bonbons. came back home all tired. changed out of my clothes. dumped my dirty clothes on the table together with the clean ones. went to bathe. came out of the bathroom, took all my clothes from the table top to the laundry basket. end of night. zzzzz.

next day i woke up feeling great. can't exactly remember what happened on saturday. was it that we went wala wala? hahaha. ok whatever. oh did my catwalk on sunday night. hahaha. right. and then i came home to the horrendous sight of...

my clothes being emptied out all in my room.

i took a picture of it but i just don't have the usb cable to upload it. hahaha.

did u all fucking just read what i just wrote? let me repeat myself again...

my FUCKED UP sister threw my wardrobe out of her room and dumped the whole mess in my room thinking that i FUCKING wore her top (which i FUCKING did not, only that i dumped it back into the laundry basket by mistake).

who wouldn't be FUCKING angry?

and the mess is still in my room. she still thinks she's correct. i shan't bother to argue with her. don't understand why she's that FUCKING calculative.

not to mention that i never once calculated the times where my beige pepperplus jeans always go into the wash, when i no longer wear it since the 2nd time i wore it.

oh, and the beige pair of work pants that amazingly keep getting washed, which i have stopped wearing since i stopped work in starhub in june 2003.

eh i just remembered that she took my new pair of ralph lauren socks to wear that time in secondary school. haha!

hmm...and my levi's 593 jeans... they're always disappearing.

what about my branded bags which always seem to go missing?

hmm and the max & co denim skirt which seems always to get into the wash too. that's queer isn't it?

did i forget to mention that my things never come back the way it went out? like the allure dress that came back with a tear?

it's wierd how siblings can be such deep enemies. one is calculative but never realises that she does it herself too. she blabbers it all on her blog, washing her dirty laundry in public for all to see. she bears grudges amongst family members. she expects the whole world to bow to her feet when she is contributing to the family's income. she doesn't give a damn about respect.

FUCK IT ALL. i've got better things to be angry about.


1. you can jolly well still think that i wore your new top.
2. you better put all my clothes back where they were because you've done a grave mistake.
3. you can fucking complain to mau for all i care because i know i'm innocent this time round.
4. you better show some respect around the house.
5. just because you live in that room, doesn't give you the authority to do whatever you deem fit with it.

SCREW IT. FUCK IT. nobody understands me at all.


having said all that, i'm fucking stressed. problems at home, school term just started, worries at work, responsibilities at the club...

FUCKING stressed!

club crawl is driving me nuts. suddenly i realise that the power that has been given unto me is useless. people are climbing all over me - at home, at work, at school...

why don't people show some respect for their elders. be it in authority or in terms of age. we may not be right all the time, but it's fucking rude to be walking all over me.

i'm not this nice all the time. don't push it.


fed up of typing. i need a break. it's damn stressful and i can't think straight. i need to drink. tomorrow's the club crawl. i'm stressed. fucking stressed. fucking fucking fucking stressed.

shall i say it again? no, i think i shall contain my anger. i'm not one who bears grudges. God doesn't want to see me this way. i'll be God's dear lil girl.



Monday, July 05, 2004

if fucking isn't free, then what is?

went to church yesterday. i met ivan khew (xuelin's old flame) and louis lim. haha. was a rare (and shocking) sight. louis looked like a replica of a bangladashi worker. he had long hair which was tied up in a pony tail, tanned skin, a pimple plantation on his face, and wore clothes like he was really that poor.

come on lah, your dad has a goldsmith shop leh.

anyway i slept quite late last night. met up with xuelin and clarice after mass. went to fishermen's village for a romantic time by the seaside, then went to wala wala again to meet ivan and the rest.

saw my most gorgeous cousin there yet again. (see her there almost everytime!) nobody figures she's my couz. she's eurasian and i'm only 1/8 eurasian because my great-grandma is, so my grandpa is 1/2 and that makes my mum 1/4 which is why i came to the conclusion that i'm only 1/8.

wierd logic, but what the heck. i'm proud to be 1/8 eurasian!

did i mention that i almost fell asleep at the wheel after sending the 2 girls back home? alone in my car, i drove home as fast as i could because i was tired. fell asleep for a lil while at the traffic light. hahaha.


so yah, i woke up at 3pm today. was supposed to report for work at 4pm. hah! i quickly took a cab down as soon as i got out of my house.

did my first catwalk assignment in chinatown just now for the launch of the food street. was fucking tensed and my makeup was melting. argh. they only gave us 30 fucking dollars worth of food vouchers to eat our dinner after that. so many of us, and only $30?! see how fucking stingy the clients can get?

so we shared a cup of char kway teow under the moonlight with everyone staring at us. never see pretty girls eat before ah? hahaha. we were in cheongsums. that's why we were melting. haha.

ivan came to pick me up after that. wanted to have prata at jln kayu, but they told us that we had to wait for 1 hour for the food. like WHAT DA FUCK? so we left in a huff. luckily we didn't blow thasewi's prata house down. hahaha.

so we decided to go to voondusamy's house at yio chu kang road instead. (haha the name was made up because i couldn't remember what the name was.) waited for a while, then when ivan checked with the fella, he said that he forgot our order. hahaha. very good. so they quickly served our order after that because they knew that hungry people are angry people. hahaha.


Thursday, July 01, 2004


there's something wrong with my comp. have to reformat it. so yeah. gonna get that done, so i may not be posting these days unless i use my bro's laptop or my sis's comp.

don't miss me peeps.