Sunday, July 30, 2006

Clogged Pores

Went for a facial yesterday and boy must i admit.. IT WAS FANTASTIC (Minus the squeezing, of course)!

It's been a really long while since i last had a facial done. I'm usually skeptical of facials because my skin is quite sensitive and can react adversely to certain products. Still, i went ahead to get it done. I was in dire need of getting all those clogged pores unclogged.

3 years leh! My black heads were REALLY showing, pimples were popping, skin looked dull and worse..my SK-II products weren't being absorbed as well as that should have been!

Everyone should get your facials done often (once a month is sufficent), because no matter how fantastic your home-use skincare products are, it will not get absorbed properly if your pores are clogged to begin with.

I hope i practice what i preach. Hahaha. Yes i know, facials can be expensive..

Gone were the days where i used to pay $30 for facials. I used to go to Beauty 21 at UOL Building in Somerset, but the building has since been demolished and they have relocated to Faber House instead.

I had stopped going to them because:
1. They squeezed really hard, despite me telling them it's painful;
2. The squeezing left unsightly red marks on my face even 3 days after the facial;
3. I fell out with the girlfriend whom i used to go facials together with.

But you know, the facial salon was good because:
1. They use Lancome products, no less!;
2. You can use their Lancome make-up to touch up your face after the facial;
3. They were located just beside Somerset MRT, sooooo convenient!

The good and the bad... Anyway i happened to run out of cash really bad that time, so i stopped going for facials. Since it was more of a sordid experience rather than one that was not, i stopped permanently.

Funny thing is, i checked with my sis where she does her facials at. And guess what?


It's the very same place i used to get mine done. Hahahaha. Funny, isn't it?

Anyway, i got my facial done at a salon in Toa Payoh. Looks quite "lok kok" from the outside.. I mean, what do you expect from neighbourhood salons? The place was so small! There were only three beds, and each bed was separated by a curtain.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The outside of the salon

My sis gave me the funny look when i told her i went to a salon in Toa Payoh for facial. Haha. Imagine, all the Aunties in shorts and slippers going there too.. Haha. But hey, they use PETER THOMAS ROTH! A brand raved about by my sister and many others.

Here it is: http://www.drugstore.com/templates/brand/defa

I found this place through an online forum, just in case you wanted to know. The reviews for this salon was good, therefore i decided to give it a try.

Some other person arrived before me and wanted to trim her brows, so i had to wait about 15 minutes despite me arriving ON TIME (for a first! hah!). I went in at last after the beautician apologised profusely, and was asked to STRIP my top and my brassiere off and don a batik tube dress looking thingy.

So straightforward ah? STRIP?!

After changing, i laid down on the bed. The beautician who served me was actually the lady boss, Celest. She analysed my face, and asked me (like how a plastic surgeon would) "what would you like to see improved after the facial?" I told her my primary concerns would be my stupid clogged pores.

*pointed to my nose and t-zone area*
"I have a strawberry nose."

She explained to me about enzyme and AHA peels and some basic stuff about your skin and taking care of it. For a moment, i wanted to just cut 2 eye holes in a paper bag and put it over my head just so that people would not know my facial flaws. But hey, she's a beautician. She's trained to spot flaws!

Celest recommended that i do the mildest level of facial peel, then see how my skin reacts to it after that. I was abit apprehensive about it since my skin is quite sensitive, but hey, it's for beauty's sake! I went ahead with it.

I AM VAIN. But, who isn't?

I didn't wear any make-up to the salon, so she just used a normal cleanser on me. Massage massage massage... It felt soothing, and oh-so-away from the hustle and bustle. Bliss! Then i knew why i had to change into the tube dress - she did the cleansing routine all the way down to my shoulders as well!

Next up was the peel. On the more stubborn blackheads-ridden area, she applied the stronger AHA peel, while on the other parts of my face, she applied the enzyme peel. I felt a slight tingling sensation, but it wasn't painful. Don't ask me if my face was red, cos obviously i can't see myself right? Hahaha...

After about 5 minutes, she cleaned the stuff off and the normal steaming of the face started. (As far as i can remember, the was the process. I think. You'll understand why later...) She then did a manual extraction of my blackheads and this silly pimple which popped out just 2 days ago. The pain from the extraction was gone as soon as it came, but that's the part i hate-and-love of facials. Who in this freakin' world likes pain???

On came some soothing lotion, which smelt like calamine lotion. While that was on and waiting to be taken off, she trimmed my eyebrows in the meantime. Ah, yes...Then came the best part - MASSAGE! When she told me she was gonna do the massage, i thought to myself "oh, no mask ah?"

She applied toner and then put some serum thingy on my face, and happily smothered it on my neck and shoulders as well. And then, massage massage massage... Away from the pain of extraction, this was the total opposite. I could actually relax! She massaged my whole face until i fell asleep! When i woke up, she was STILL massaging me, except that her hands moved onto my shoulders. You wouldn't believe it, i even had a scalp massage after that!

It was even better than bliss; it was seventh heaven!
How not to fall asleep? =)

The massaging part probably took like 20 minutes!! It was damn shiok lor! She put a gauze on my face, then on came the cold mask. When i say cold, i mean COLD. It felt icy, and maybe it was due to the ingredients. I was very sure that i smelt mint. It was supposed to soothe the redness of my face from the extraction.

I had the mask on for about 15 minutes, then it was removed. She grabbed a mirror out for me, so that i could take a look at my skin. It was a lil pinky and thank goodness it wasn't tomato red. I could still go out to see the world after that. Hahaha. She applied some moisturiser for me after that, and it ended with a 1 minute back massage.

2 Hours facial FWAH!

Since i was a first timer at the salon, i was given a special rate. Make a guess how much i paid for the facial?

Guess lah!

All for $50! Hehehe... Good deal right? The usual price is at $50 for a basic facial, and $90 for a facial with an AHA peel. The service was good great, minus the wait, and i thought the products worked well on my skin too. Value for money too, considering the massage really untied all the knots in my shoulders and it lulled me to sleep! Rest assured, i'll go there again.

Will you too? =)

Here's their address:
Celestial de Beauty
72 Toa Payoh Lorong 5
Singapore 310072

Think i forgot to mention a very important factor.. They didn't try to push their products, nor did they try to push packages at me. I left the place a very happy person. =)


Time for pictures!

Baby was so sweet.. While waiting for me to be done with my facial, he ran all the way to an old Katong Shopping Centre bakery to get me these...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chocolate Tart

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Coconut Tart

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Donuts on a Stick

Then came our dinner...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My Fish Cutlet with Fried Rice

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The place we had dinner at

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby's Chicken Chop with a Fried Ball of Mashed Potato

Their Mashed Potato ball is fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone who loves Western Food, kopitiam style!

Uno Beef House is located in the coffee shop of:
51 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310051

[URGENT] Looking for Hair Models / Hip Hop Dancers!

Dear Ladies,

If you or your friends are interested in the jobs below, please email me ASAP:

1. Hair Models
- Tall
- Sharp facial features
- Modelling experience would be good
- Shoulder-length hair (must be willing to let the stylist cut it short and colour it as well)

2. Dancers
- Same as the above, except that height is not a big issue
- Must be able to dance hip hop or similar dances
- Better if you have a group of pals who also dance and are interested in this together

If selected, you can look forward to:
- Free hair cut
- Free colour (and they'll colour it back for you if you don't like it after that)
- They will not be paying you cash because of their budget, but you will get Free hair treatments (or vouchers)

Event details:
- It will be for a Hair Show on either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of September 2006
- Location has yet to be decided
- Client owns a hair salon


For those who are interested, please email me at stephaniegoh@gmail.com with your:
- Name
- Height
- Experience
- Contact number(s)
- 2 Pictures (1 Face shot & 1 Full length)


Saturday, July 29, 2006

A New Toy

We had dinner yesterday at a coffee shop in Bukit Merah... It's opened by a true blue Italian chef. They do delivery but only to areas within 5km radius of the place. We had pizza the other day, but we thought it'll be nice to try their other offerings...

Sfigato Pizza

Baby ordering our food

"Toast" with eggplant spread - First bite tasted like tuna on roti prata... Not too bad

Beef lagsane (am i spelling this correctly?) $5 - A bit dry in my opinion, but still tasty

Baby enjoying his italian "toast"

Seafood spaghetti.. Or what's left of it! - Homecooked sauce tasted great with the nicely done pasta, although seafood is not my cuppa tea

Trying to be funny eh?

"Magic Pepper Sauce" which is actually tabasco

Sfigato Pizza is located at:
127 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150127

P/S: Their personal (7") pan pizzas are only $4 - $5 each! Actually, everything else ranges around that price!

Time for "after dinner" drinks!!!


Their ice bucket was a huge glass!

The place we love.. Cheapest wine $25, most expensive $10000!

We thought it was finger food-ish.. YIKES!


It's just a pose for the camera - I hate greens!

Our recently-single-and-very-available friend.. Any takers?

Cass came to join us.. We left the place with a half bottle of wine.. That means we drank 3.5 bottles yesterday. Hmmm

We carried on our night at Crew Room after that. No pictures though, cos i was lazy to bring the camera there. Speaking of which... Have you realised that my pictures have been exceptionally clear?


Dad bought me this:


=) I love my new toy.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Half-Finished Post

It's been a long while since i brought myself to materialising a post here.

Lazy lah!

A few things happened over the weekend weeks so i thought i'd just consolidate it and type it all at once here! Haha. Lazy aren't i?


I started play Maple Story, just when everyone else is like sick of it. It gets kinda boring at work, so i took it up because i wanted to get away from the monotomy of work. I created and deleted a character, then created a new one. As of now, my character is level 24! Yay. Soon, it'll be time for another weapon upgrade! Hehehe.


Let you in on what i do at work daily.. It's my 8th week already, and i've got 31 days more to go. There's this counter i grabbed off tickerfactory.com to count down to the end of my internship. I tried to shrink the image size but it's like so pixellated! Getting on my nerves...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

In all its glamour!

I walked into Kinokuniya searching for the August issue of Female. Frantically, i flipped through its pages searching for my pic. Alas, it wasn't there. Hmm. Okay, maybe it'll be in September's issue. So i shall keep a lookout.

I grabbed a copy of the Steph Song-fronting FHM. I flipped again trying to find for it. Joanne msged me last night to tell me about it actually.

And there i found it! One of the last few pages... Probably the 5th page from the back, stood staring back at me was... Well... Me in a bikini.

That coverted $145 one in all its glamour!!!!!


Anyway, grab a copy should you be keen on having a look. All pictures have been HEAVILY photoshopped, just in case you wanted to know. Hahaha.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm back!

Into my 6th week of attachment already, and boy am i glad that i'm already halfway through! Work has been the usual - crazy. Nothing much to update since i can't really tell you what or where i'm working at. You don't really know who's reading my blog anyway.

Recent updates in my life include my journey with Miss Singapore World 2006. I joined about 2 months ago, and the subsidary awards were given out in the weeks leading up to the grand finals 2 weeks ago. It was definitely something much different from those lower-budget pageants that i've been to before. Prizes were better, but sad to say i didn't manage to snag anything home.

We even did a press conference! =)

In the past month, i've lost and put on weight like nobody's business. So like they say, crash diets NEVER work. Hahaha. Yes, take my word for it! =P

We were given free stuff along the way.. Like Freshkon contact lens (totally useless to me i say!) & cleaning solution, Tinkerbell gold heels, and a $100 iora voucher. Ahh.. And the best part was that we got a free stay in Novotel Clarke Quay for free for the nights before and after the grand finals!!!

The swimwear was pretty, but the sponsors (Ocho Maeve) said it was too expensive to be given to us (from what i heard from my coordinator, he says they are gonna re-sell it! Ewww!). My first diamonte bikini costs $145, my second swimsuit with cut-outs costs $200+. Ahh... Would buy if i had the spare cash!

Eh. Ok nothing much to update.. Wanna know more? Ask lah! How i know what you wanna know? Aiyoh...