Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Let the photos speak for themselves!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Band

If you have the following qualities, tag me on my board with your real name & email:

* Above 18 yrs
* Full-time student
* Loves to club
* Hates to queue
* Got S$25 to spare

Will post pics up later. Gotta go church! Tatas!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a week!

I realised that i've got some pics that i haven't had time to put up since... November 2005!

Was eating in Burger King at Bugis Village when we saw...

My nightmare before Christmas

I think their bags depict exactly what i think of them

I couldn't resist snapping!


Went into my cousin's blog and i believe that she went to the same cafe that i went a few months back.

I was besotted with their lights

And their chairs

And their lamps

Pretty aren't they?

The name of the cafe is something "Blue" or "Jazz" (can't remember). But its address is at Haji Lane. You can't miss it cos it's directly facing Rochor Road.


Met with a stupid road bully on Monday. And i lodged a police report against him. :)


Helped out at the Singapore Robotics Competition in school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Robots at their meanest!

My lab-mate Serene was snapping away too


On Thursday, i tried to cheer Xue up with this pic.

It gave her a fright instead.

Then on Friday, someone tried to hide from me when she saw me. When i stood beside her, she said "hey you're supposed to read the note on your desk first!"

So i did just that.

Hahaha. I can't believe her!


Brought my girl to see the vet just now because there were blood in her stools the day before.

She looks fine, right?

My vet says her stomach may be trying to clean itself right now.

So we'll wait and see if she gets better. Otherwise, i'll have to make a visit to him again.

Collected my cousin's bday cake for the party later, and i was tempted by the other stuff on display. I couldn't resist.


A very pretty choc chip cupcake! S$6.00

Double Praline Cake. So rich!!! S$5.30

Forgot to take a pic of the actual bday cake. Will do that later, and will post soon!

GOTTA GO FOR THE PARTY NOW! Hahaha and we're all late. :P

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Sorry!!! Haven't updated in days... Been busy with school. I leave home at 8am and reach home only at 6.30pm. :( So saddening.

Wanted to post up a few pics but i haven't got the chance to edit them, but here they are now...

Had lunch at the foodcourt in PS and i totally dig these HK-originated Kai Dan Zais.

I first got to know of their existance when i was studying in TP in the year 2000 and my then-classmate JL (whose parents are from hongkong) brought me to eat them in Tampines Mall back then. The stall has since closed down, and only until recently, i managed to find another stall at PS which sells them.

They cost about $2 (which i still think is expensive) and they take about 5 minutes to make on this waffle-like machine. If you're thinking of buying them, you could do what i usually do -- ask the "xiao jie" (auntie) to make a fresh one for you, instead of those that are already made and are waiting to be bought.

So much for my KTZs.

We went to JB last weekend with a few of Baby's friends and i took some pictures.

Our passenger shys away when he spots a camera.

Didn't take any pictures when we went there in the afternoon. I was too busy with trying to keep a cool self cos the sun was freaking hot. Took pictures only when we we finished out stuff and were heading for dinner.

Spotted this cute hut-themed restaurant along the way.

On the other side of the road was the shoreline. And lo and behold...Singapore was on the other side of the waters!

Was too engrossed in eating, so i forgot to take pictures. But erm.. This is what's left of our dinner. Hahaha.

So here's my workspace in the lab. This is where i work everyday on my project from 8.30am-6pm. It sucks cos i feel so cramped.

My supervisor is a China woman who is very annoying. She comes in to spot check on us like thrice a day. Goodness!

I have 4 lab techs who prowl every inch of the lab space every minute. They are ex-students of my school and boy are they on the ball! If you're late for a minute, they'll mark you down so that they can complain to your supervisor.

The most irritating of them all is a China girl (not again!!!) who marks our attendance. Well. It's not like she's very punctual to begin with cos she was late for a few days already!!! Ditto for my supervisor.

I'm doing an interface using C++ for a fingerprint recognition software. I totally forgot how to use C++ (although i learnt it back in TP). Went to the library and borrowed the reference book to start from scratch. Tried to follow the tutorials. And guess what, i managed to get the program to work. :) So happy.


So this generally sums up what i have to say. I'm late already cos we are supposed to go in Malaysia again today. Meeting my Baby in 30 minutes, so i can't type any more! Will post again soon i hope! ;)

Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


FYP is tiring, boring, and stressful all at the same time.

It sucks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It was fun, but we felt old

I went Dbl O with my gf Jo just now. Just came back not long ago, in fact.

It was just the 2 of us. Nobody else. How nice, how peaceful. But not for long.

Met my sister's bf when Daryl dropped us off at Robertson Walk.

So anyway.

We arrived at about 10.30pm. Got ourselves drinks. Decided to stand around and chit chat. Some guys tried to chit chat with us. We refused them.

The cycle went on for a while. More guys tried to chat Jo up (Maybe 80% of the time with her and 20% with me). Again, we just wanted to talk amongst ourselves. All these guys are shit. And besides, we both are attached to our loving partners. So we shoved them away again.

I met Xue's cousin, Pris, there too.

So yeah.

By the time we had our 5th drink, i decided that it was enough. The stupid and brainless men at dbl o were increasingly annoying, and we were quite traumatised by their persistance. We went to the toilet, did our businesses, then left for home.

This is actually a very lame blog post. Decided to blog but didn't have much to talk about.

On a final note...

Er... Hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed typing it? Hahaha. Nitez peeps.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy holidays

Yay. It's the holidays for me once again.

Boy am i relieved to have a break from all that studying and going to school.

But it's not for long.

It's only for one week, then i'm back in school for my final year project.

This is so sucky!

Friday, March 03, 2006

My gfs and their bfs

I was reading this blog just now. It's damn funny. But i don't think i can post the link up cos the contents are, well, illegal.

The writer is supposed to be an ah beng, who generally hangs out with friends of the underworld, and talks about his dick all the time. Hmm. Sounds normal right?

This person speaks singlish in every sentence, but that's just about all that is ah beng about him. Which ah beng (seriously) can type with paragraphs? None that i can think of at least. Furthermore, his blog, albeit in singlish, has substance!

There's this inkling inside me that thinks that he is not really an ah beng. He merely writes like one to give the reader the impression of being one. Hmmm.

So yes, if you wanna read an ah beng blog, msn me and i'll tell you what's the addy. :)


I was out with Cla yesterday for dinner. Told her not to be late (cos she was late for 1.5hrs the last time) but i ended up being 15 mins late myself. HAHAHA. OOPS!

Was supposed to meet Xue too, but that woman... ARGH! Always making me angry... The original plan was for me to meet Cla first because she finishes work at 5.30, then to meet her because she finishes work at 8.

But that woman for some reason or another, finished work at 2.30 and decided to go to her toyboy's office to help out... IN TUAS! ahhhhhhhhh. She didn't bother telling me, cos she knew i was gonna get angry.

I mean, it's ok if you help out at his office (although i don't quite approve of her relationship with him) but it's not ok to stay there and accompany him for the rest of the day.

After repeated calls and SMSes to her, she decided to answer her phone in the end at 6pm. I asked if she was still gonna meet us, she went "er... dunno leh".

"WTH do you mean dunno? Don't think i don't know that you finished work at 2.30 ok! You are supposed to meet us, and we agreed the other day already lor." i retorted.

"Ah..Hahaha how come you know?" she replied with guilt.

[silence] .... I got nothing to say.

Me = Cheng Xim (Lost heart)


So i met Cla in Bugis, and we took a walk at this place called Icon. It's this small yellow building opposite Breadtalk, and it was supposedly a place with lots of small shops. So we went in great anticipation.

It was a 5 storey building filled with lots of small shop space (think bugis village with brighter lighting and aircon). The stairs are faster than the lift, just in case you wanted to know.

But really, the place wasn't much to look forward to. We went there at about 6.30, and there weren't much shoppers. It was quite bare actually. I would think that the reason would be that the stuff are much pricier than the nearby bugis village. The occupancy rate of Icon should hover about 75%. We stopped walking at the 4th storey, cos we figured that the floor upstairs would be selling the same things and that there weren't many occupants up there.

We hopped over to Marina Square for dinner after that, because Cla wanted to get a shaver for her bf at Suntec. I had claypot rice. $4 but not fantastic. It still can't beat the one at Toa Payoh Lorong 5!

After dinner, Cla decided that we should go back home. BECAUSE OF HER BOYFRIEND!!! ARGH. What's with these girls ah?

Her bf was ANGRY (READ: ANGRY?!?) with her because she came to meet me for dinner.

Like hello. We agreed on meeting a few days back, and he very well knew about it! The story all boils down to her bf quarrelling with his mum and he doesn't want to go back home early after work because she will nag at him again. And he's angry with Cla because she is accompanying me and not him.


What kind of bf is that? Doesn't he have his own friends? Can't he be more independant?

Some people just have to infuriate me everyday. And i don't understand why.

So she went to his bf's office to meet him in the end, because she was worried about him. And poor me, went home.

Can i get some pity please? I have NO social life (other than my bf of course). I need friends. Not telephone friends. But friends who would gladly dump their bfs anyday just to meet for a few hours with me.

Is it really that hard?

Tammy...Or not?

You'll never look at them the same way again.

You'd be laughing till you drop!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ministry of Sound

I was approving a friend request in friendster, then i saw this new pic in my friends list for one of my friend's profile (duh).

Take a look at this.

The 1st thing that caught my eye was the picture of course. (Note to CK: Is that Faith?) The 2nd thing that caught my eye was that the picture was taken at MOS.

EVERYONE -- E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E has been to MOS.

Zin celebrated her bday last week at MOS with the rest of the guys (people who you'd think they'd be the last to go clubbing cos they're goody-too-shoes). But yeah, they went MOS.

And CK, who doesn't club nor drink (he can't hold his liquor), went to MOS.


I mean.

The only MOS i've been to recently is MOS BURGER!!!

And that's a fast food joint, so it doesn't even come close!

I was toying with the idea of asking Cla & Xue to go MOS this friday, since i finish my papers tomorrow. But Cla isn't free. So yeah. Plan squashed.

The last time we went clubbing as a trio was probably 2 years ago. Imagine that!

But it's just not the same to go clubbing without carrots. Carrots who would gladly pay for you, no questions asked, no extra services needed. Well, those were the days of being single. Not that i miss those days of being single, but yeah, it'll be nice to have someone to pay for clubbing you know.

So in the meantime, i'll just blast my music and pretend that i'm there... Happy thoughts! Hahaha.