Saturday, August 19, 2006

Da Boss

While waiting for my Tiramisu to chill in the fridge, i thought maybe i should blog.

So many things to say, but i don't know where to start. Hmm...

I received a call at about 9am from my supervisor. I opened my sleepy eyes and took at look, then plonked myself back into bed. He calls and calls.

Finally i wake myself, but i decide that i shouldn't even pick the phone up since it is afterall my off day. He then sends an SMS asking me to call him ASAP.

I cringe.

After painting a hand of french manicure, i decide that i should just call him back to see what he wants. I had a funny feeling that he wanted me to go back to work, since my partner was on MC today.

I hate shift work.


So i decided, if he was to tell me that, i would tell him that i was unable to go work. I called him back and he told me the very thing that i hated to hear - to replace my partner for today.

Okay, i knew for a fact that my partner was going to be on MC today since he told me yesterday that he wasn't feeling too well already. However, days ago he asked if i could change shift with him today.

Well it's not that i am cruel - i would change if i could, but i was to go to my cousin's birthday in the evening. So how to change, right? He told me he had his grandmother's birthday to attend. Equally as important is my cousin's birthday, so i declined.

Anyway, it is such a coincidence that he was to go on MC today. We all wonder.

Coming back to my main point, the conversation between my supervisor and myself. I ended up huffing and puffing over the phone because i was trying to get my point across to him that i could not go to work today, by hook or by crook. It is afterall my off day, you know.

He then threatened to tell my Liason Officer that i am not fulfilling my duties as an intern. So in a fit of anger, i told him "OK GO DO JUST THAT, because i did not sign any agreement to begin with."

Baby called me after that and reprimanded me for being so rude to my supervisor, since afterall he was the one who would tell my Liason Officer whether i was to pass or fail my internship.

Ok, not worth being rude. My fault.

So i called my supervisor and apologised, saying that i could cover the shift from then (which was about 12.30pm) until 4pm. He then told me "like that you might as well not come". Well, i thought it'd be better than not being there at all what, since i was 'obligated' to replace my partner.

To tell you all the truth, i had already called the other 2 colleagues of mine prior to talking to Baby. One of them, as usual, does not pick up his phone and does not change shift with other people and always has something on every freakin' day. I think he is plain selfish, but well people have their own rights. So yes, i shall not speak further.

Going on to my other colleague, i called him and explained what happened, and he told me that he had already agreed to take over my partner's shift (and that was in the morning before i called my boss back).

Now it seriously makes my boss look hypocritical because it is not the first time that this has happened. I mean, does it look like we don't even talk in the workplace?

But never mind that, since it has all been settled. I am still a little angry because i hate being disturbed on my rest day, and the customers whom i come into contact with are always annoying me.

Yep, just me venting my frustrations. PMS!


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