Friday, January 27, 2006

Talk about a bad hair perm.

I have to say this.........

Her permed hair really makes her look like a (sorry for the insult, my dear poochies...) POODLE!


Oh well...

It's gonna be the dog year after all, isn't it! ;)

Smile. :) :) :)

Ok, i promise to be nice to everyone today.

(Even if i don't like them.)

It's gonna be the new year soon.

Takes less muscles to smile than to sulk.

Less wrinkles = A prettier and happier me.


My comm skills presentation sucked today. I hate it.

It was so wrong. I fell asleep while doing the presentation last night. Woke up this morning to complete it at 9am (class is at 11am).

Wanted to iron my clothes after that, but the iron tripped the whole house power supply!!! Grrr. I asked mum to go to the neighbour's house to borrow theirs. None of my neighbours were in!!! -__-" Thankfully, dad found the old dry iron in the store room.

Then i went to school. And when i wanted to print the transparency, my thumb drive just refused to read the file. Grrrrrrrrr. Luckily i had a B&W hard copy. So i printed the transparency from there.


I thought i threw away my Patissier membership card when i spring cleaned my house the other day. So i reported loss yesterday.

Who knows!

Dad found it this morning in the grocery bag. ;)


Need to go shopping. NOW. Won't have time tomorrow because i really gotta clean my stuff up. I take forever to clean up my room. It's just tooooooooo messy!

My boss decided to have a reunion dinner with us today. So they asked us to go work 1hr earlier at 5pm. If i can finish my shopping by then, i'll go. Otherwise, i'll starve.


At Work

Why do i always get pushed around?

I wonder.

I have my limits too, you know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hmm. So many things happened the past few days.

Offline, i grumbled about rude taxi drivers who cut into my path (again), and muttered about not being able to find a fondue set for the party.

Worse, i got shocked when Jewel chewed on a battery + had diahorrea and blood in her stools + was panting heavily + i sent her to the mount pleasant animal hospital + and ms sg universe gotcha Cheryl Tay (prettier in person) was the vet who saw my dog!

Some time last week, i also begged joanne (the waitress at the bar) to play bluff with me while i was being intoxicated by a 0.5 bottle of martell and 1.5 bottles of cordon bleu. At 3 plus AM that night, i thought i heard myself saying that i wanted to go to another place to have more fun! And we did! Hah!

However so strangely, i can't remember anything else happening the past few days.

Is my memory failing me (high possibility), or is it that i've been too reliant on blogging for the past few years, that my brain has somehow turned off the ROM, and activated only the RAM.

I waste a day doing something. I do not/forget to blog it. I sleep. The next morning, all's a blank to me.

Queer? Hah. Maybe it's just me.


Having said all that, i remember waking up at 9am this morning to do last minute touch-ups to my assignments. At 11am, i am late for school, therefore i skip the morning class so the next one's at 1pm.

I carry on doing another assignment (i had 3 due today). After finishing the bloody and i really mean B-L-O-O-D-Y report, i print. Can you beat this - I sent the item for printing at 12.43pm, and at 1.30pm did it all finish printing. It's barely 25 pages, with only 4 half-coloured pages.

HP PSC 1315 All-In-One Printer Scanner Copier.

Don't buy.

So i finally reach school at 2pm - my lecturer was just beginning to mark attendance. Then i realised that i forgot to bring my thumb drive with all my stuff in it. I rush home to get it. I return to school to hand up my assignments.

I go household shopping after school. And return home with cloths to aid me in spring cleaning! Managed to clean up my shoe cabinet today (threw away 4 pairs) and clean the altar.

What a day. I am dead tired and tomorrow's gonna be a long day too. Sunday is only a stone's throw away and i've only bought a top and a pair of shoes.

Maybe i'll go to ikea tomorrow to continue shopping. Hmm.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Boy was it a longgggg time since i last saw my ex-TP classmates! I was in the same class with them in 2000, and i left TP in 2002, only to meet up with them....NOW! (Err... I don't remember meeting up with them any time in between... Hmm...)


I met my 3 dear girlies last night for dinner at Waraku in Marina Sq. Food was not too bad. Portions were huge. And not forgetting, the company was fantabulous!

We had a great time chit-chatting... Updates on our occupations, current bfs; Gossipping about ex-bfs and their ex-gfs, ex-classmates and their current wierd personas...

It was fun! Pics of my sweeties coming up later!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shopping in the name of CNY!

Shaw House

Went shopping yesterday. Did some grocery shopping at the Isetan supermarket and bought 2 cans of Sapporo Winter's Tale 05/06 Ltd Edition beer to try. If it's nice, then i'll probably buy it for cny, otherwise i'll probably get Kilkenny or Victoria Bitter (ultra smooth!). I HATE Tiger. PUI!

There's this Hokkaido (or something like that) fair that they're having this time round till 22nd Jan, and they've got this cute jap-italian gelato stall outside Mos Burger. I tried the Kyushu Ice (i can't rem the exact name) and the Green Tea flavours. It's damn nice lor!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahhaha.... Think i'll bring Baby down to buy again. Haha!



The stupid chocolate fondue fountain costs $198. It is to die for! Supposed to be finding for a proper fondue set so that i could use it for cny, but still am looking. If anyone knows where i can get a cheap one, do let me know.

The stuff in Tang + Co are so beautiful!!! If only i had the moolahs.

I'd buy all the Annick Goutal parfums, all the Molton Brown toiletries, and all the clothes and shoes to last me a lifetime! Oh ok... Maybe not a lifetime. Hah!


Wisma Atria

Calvin Klein was having a sale at the basement of Isetan Orchard, and i managed to snag a $169 top for the price of $40!!! HAHA KIO TiO!!!!!!

Hmm let's see..... What else did i buy yesterday..........

Ahh.... I bought a blue nail polish from The Face Shop. Yes, blue. And it's a wierd matellic blue colour. And it's all because i wanted to follow the design in the nail magazine i bought. Haha.

Here's the scanned image:


Ngee Ann City

Collected my stuff from Tiffany. The story goes like this... I was bathing one day, and i tugged at my chain accidently. And it broke! So i sent the chain back for soldering. Cleaned my ring at the same time. :)

Walked past Tang + Co again, and guess what? They were selling another version of my Via Repubblica bag. I should think that the price of the bag would hover around $350 or so. If it was any cheaper, i'd kill myself.

It's this design, but in the same colour of my bag:

The only nice fondue set i found was a german brand that was retailing it at $140. It's crazy. I might as well pay $50 more for the chocolate fountain at Tangs. Hah!



I crossed the road from Taka to Paragon. And as usual there were those irritating people who are asking padestrians like me to take surveys. I mean... I've taken it so many times that i've got sick of it.

So this guy stopped me in my path and i just waved my hands at him saying that i'm not interested. Then a few footsteps later, someone called out my name. :O

Haha. It was Jean! And that guy was her colleague!


We chatted for a while. And a while. And a while.... Then she told her colleague "eh why don't you go off first, i'll catch up with my friend". Haha.

So we chatted for a while more, then i decided that i have to go and do what i was supposed to do - ask if Chocz was selling their fondue set. They weren't. :(

I went back upstairs to the spot where Jean was doing her street prospectus at, then we chatted as we went over to Taka. I accompanied her shopping for a lil while, then i dropped her off on Thomson Rd on the way home.


Gonna meet my ex-TP classmates later. And i'm going shopping again too! Hehehehe.....

Monday, January 16, 2006

I need a holiday

Baby left for Shanghai again yesterday afternoon. I lost $$$ in mahjong last night with my relatives. My classmate smsed me that i didn't have to go for wbis class this morning and afternoon, so i'd only have class from 1-3pm today. So i chatted with Xuelin on the phone till i fell asleep.

She was on the night shift and i was complaining to her about money woes. Think she must have got bored listening to me complain too, so she started telling me about all her whatever woes she's got... Life's just so tough.

Bah. I've gotta prepare to go school, then i've gotta come back to finish my flash project. It's alot of work, but i guess i'll have to burn the midnight oil everyday. I think i'm slowly immersing myself in sorrow. This is bad.

I need a holiday.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

In Her Shoes

This morning, i woke up thinking about what happened on Christmas eve 2005. I went church with Daryl and i tried very hard to "siam" away from my..well..ex-best friend, Jac.

Isn't it funny? I mean.. What was i thinking? I'm supossed to be an adult already and i'm still playing these games of hide and seek? Ha!

So after mass that night, i realised i couldn't hide anymore when she appeared just in front of me while i was talking to Angie. So i decided to give her a Merry Christmas hug (I only shook her hand last year at the Cathedral!).

End of grudge. :) Now, it wasn't that difficult, was it?

Speaking of which, if you happen to be like that (ahem, childish), then maybe now's a good time to stop, since it's the new year and people generally want to start anew. I won't mention names here, but i'm telling you, i know you've been reading my blog since the first time you came in from Jean's blog. ;) And until the time that you choose to close your own blog, i'll pop by occassionally to check yours out too.

I'd love to give my old friends support. :) Good luck!


I caught the show "In Her Shoes" last night. If you happen to have a sibling who is about the same age as you (plus minus 2 years or so), you'll probably be able to relate to the movie.

I cried, as usual. However, if you're not that emotional or if you have a heart of stone, you probably won't cry.

Initially, i thought this was gonna be a show about shopping and obsession with shoes. Well, no, it's not.

It's about kinship, and how your love for your grandparents, parents or siblings transcends over everything. No matter how bad they are, you still love them just the way you should. So touching!

And it's also about relationships, office romances, and communication with your partner.

So that basically summarises the whole thing. I thought it was a good show cos i was able to relate to the movie. (If it can make me cry, it's good. Haha) I used to fight with my sister alot but nowadays we've learnt to be more forgiving to each other... :)

It's worth the $9.50.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Bought a pair of beighy shoes today from vincci. $32. :)

Went to work and i didn't have any customers at all for a longggggg time. Only until i was about the finish work, did 3 tables of customers come in... Ha!

Aiyah i am damn sleepy from the cordon bleu i drank at crew rm just now... Gonna sleep! Tatas!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tastes like strawberries and cream!

Got back my watch from FJ Benj already. The moving zircons inside my marc ecko genius watch got stuck just 3 days after i got it. So fed up.. I hope it doesn't get stuck again, otherwise i gotta wait damn long for my watch to be repaired.

They took a whole bloody week just to get the indexes dislodged. Bad service!!!

So the watch is HUGE. Don't ask why i got daddy to buy it for me for xmas...


I wore it to work yesterday and my colleague and her bf said my watch was very nice... Heeee... So happy. :)

So here's how it looks like...

Ooohh.. Recently i got into this nail art craze. I bought the paints and brushes.. And every other day i'm changing the nail design.

Quoting Karen TSM, "See lah, this girl is so free."

Currently i'm sporting leopard prints on my fingers and flower motifs on my toesies. Drop me a mail if you wanna know how it's done.

I think i'm gonna do strawberries the next time round. Yum!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


You cannot believe how suay i can get.

I sent the car into the workshop today to fix mummy's dent.

I drove Baby's car out and nothing happened. Then i reached home and parked the car, i accidently scratched his car wing. Just the damn wing! Yes, that's how stupid the car park at my house is like!

Then.. What's even more suay is........

I forgot to put a parking coupon and got fined when i came downstairs.


Then the Isetan bill comes and FWAH. Can you believe we now owe them $916.31? I paid up $200 the other day, now i still owe them $468.49. The rest of the bill is my sister's and my dad's.

Hopefully i can stop signing and start paying!!!! ARGH.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Mummy drove the car into a pole again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I was friendless and my whole family was angry with me.

It was terrible. I felt like crying.

For a moment i thought my whole life wasn't worth living.

Then.. I woke up.

It was all just a bad dream...