Monday, October 31, 2005


An old friend who is one year younger than me told me this today:


I hereby dedicate this post to him and wish him all the best in his marriage.

ZAO SHENG GUI ZI ba, Ah Fat Fit!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I started my job at KTSM's (lazy to type full name.. hehe) bf's new cafe along Beach Road yesterday.

Wasn't too bad if you consider it a workout - sweeping floor, mopping floor, cleaning table-tops and every where that's dirty... I was lucky that i wasn't the ones who were washing the toilets. KC, my classmate, and her friend SH washed them instead.

Had dinner after a few hours of work at their other outlet at Central Mall. It was yummy x 3!!! Went for drinks with my bosses after that. I drank 2 glasses of brandy and Baby came to pick me up from there after that.

The End.


Once upon a time... Today actually...

I was supposed to go work, so i left my house to meet KC at the stipulated time (half an hour before we started work) City Hall MRT. I was there on the dot, while she blamed the mrt driver for driving so slowly. (Just in case you wanted to know, she came half an hour late.)

While waiting, i received a call from JM.

"You all don't need to come today already. Because i just got word from the delivery person that the stocks won't arrive today, so you guys won't have anything to do when you come here. So you all don't need to come today."

All that information was passed to me just 15 minutes before we were supposed to start work.

How's that eh?

So i asked for a reimbursement for transport, since we were afterall already out of our houses and i had reached at city hall already. He said "Okok. How about i treat you guys to dinner tomorrow?" I said "Ok".

So now, i'm not sure if we'll be reimbursed transport + given a free dinner or is it just gonna be a free dinner.


And what about when we work on the public holidays next week? Double pay. Yes?

Think i'll ask him tomorrow.

I love the double pay thing. It thrills me, just thinking about it!

Cross my fingers!

And the clock is jumping jumping...

I always see the hit counter jumping, but nobody actually tags in my tag board. I wonder why. Hmm.

I really don't know who comes into my blog and reads everyday. So may i suggest that we compile a list to see who (and how many people) reads my blog at least once a week?

I promise that i'll start blogging towards your interests ok! But that's only possible if i know who my audiences are! So, please, if you may, tag at my board and say hi once in a while ok!

It doesn't matter if:

* I don't know you
* I know you
* You are short
* You are tall
* You are ugly
* You are beautiful
* I dislike you
* I like you

Just tag, please? =)

Here's who (i know of) comes in...

1. Karen
2. Jean
3. Adelyn
And that's just about it! Hahaha...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Long distance call from London

So funny!! Karen called me regarding the boots (she didn't have access to the internet and she couldn't receive MMS so she shopped based on a rough idea)...

I was trying to make out what Karen was telling me on the phone... And here's what she said the shoe looked like:

1. Pointy tip
2. Black coloured
3. Pleats on the top (??)
4. 4 inches below knee
5. Stiletto-looking heel

Can you imagine how it's gonna look? I'm trying to figure that one out now. In the meantime, i already told her to buy it down. Hahaha.

Will sell it off if i don't like it! =P


She bought a knee high one for me too! =) Hehe...


I found a new website to fulfil my shopping needs! Check it out on the right hand side of this page.

Beauty - The skin-deep portion for now!

Let's face it - everyone wants to be beautiful.

I for one person, would die to look as beautiful as my friend (i know her, but she doesn't know me. LOL!) Sammi. Just look at how she shines in this picture!

Her skin looks flawless. Those cute lil freckles of hers seemed to have disappeared. Despite reading tabloids about HongKong stars working/partying till the next dawn, she doesn't seem to have any tell-tale signs of aging at all. Where are the dark eye rings? Zilch - nothing!

How could anyone be as blessed as that?! Almost impossible, i say!

Sammi Cheng, all of 33 years, is my role model. And in ten years time, i hope to look as well maintained as she does now.

She must have used something to make her so much more goddess-like than before. (Disregarding the fact that she was beautiful from the start, the pictures were most probably photoshopped, and that she has a lot of money and endorsements to make her beautiful.) So since she endorses SK-II, then that must be the secret to looking like her! =)

Remember i bought the SK-II eye treatment film just a few weeks back? It works! It really works!! My eyes looks less tired now, and i can proceed to stop photoshop-ing my fine lines and dark eye rings as soon as they disappear with continued use of the miracle eye gel.



Xuelin asked me to recommend an eye cream. I told her "SK-II, without a doubt!" I tried to contain my excitement about the product, but i just couldn't. I kept raving about it non-stop.

So yesterday, another SK-II follower was born. Welcome to the family!

I shopped with her yesterday, and recommended that we go to the SK-II counter in Wisma since it was the least intimidating of the lot. Phoebe served us.

After asking a few questions, she proceeded to buy not one, but...

TWO eye treatment films. One for herself, and one for her mum. What a filial daughter!


While she was filling the membership form up, i suddenly caught sight of it -- a white quilted SK-II weekend travel bag with their signature-red-coloured handles.

Phoebe gave me her namecard so that i could call her before going down to check if the $380-GWP bag is still available. She would reserve one for me so that nobody else would have it!

It was one of their best GWPs (Gifts-With-Purchases) ever offered. I will get it when November comes! Why? Because it's my birthday month and i've got 30% bonus points then! Furthermore, there's gonna be a 10% rebate on 1st Nov. Totally worth it!

And Daddy's gonna scream at the bill for sure...


Really, SK-II should improve on their GWPs. Just look at this - if you spend $250 (incl essence), you'll get this:

That's a 20g Cleanser, 20ml Clear Lotion and a Tote Bag. Never mind that the samples were puny - i could use them while travelling anyway. I almost bought the products the other day, until i saw that the bag's material was made up of a very cheap-quality and rough-finishing canvas.

Guess i'll just have to wait for November. =)


Cos she forgot how the boots i wanted, looked like...

The pictures of the boots... In case your email can't be accessed!


Thanks dearie!

Tai tai day again...

Went shopping today. Supposed to go shopping with Xuelin, but you could say that the time was spent like this:

1/3 of the time: She was on the phone while i was trying to make out the sign language she was trying to use;

1/3 of the time: She was looking for a muffler for her patient while my stomach was growling;

1/3 of the time: She went to see her patient while i ate alone in the wisma foodcourt.

Then she dumped me for another guy.

Sigh. Poor me.


I hunted around for clothes. Didn't find anything much (The $800 dress at Tangs is too much to pay!). Managed to buy my NailTek at last and i've got no money left...

And then i saw it........


They were selling it in Taka dept store. It's slightly more pricier than the website (they have to earn some commission, you know). And i saw the cutesy chick luggage tag that i liked... Ooh... And the pink glittery clutch...



Aiyah very sleepy... I wanna go sleep!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

So Happy!

Me and my Sammi

I opened the letter box yesterday, and i (at last) received my SK-II permanent card. Don't know what's wrong with P&G but they claim they needed 3 months from the date of qualification to get my card sent to me(???).

Very inefficient i do say. If it weren't for Sammi...


Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Surprisingly, i had another mail. It was from SPH. Daryl tried to snatch the letter from me and tried to open it first. But i stomped my feet, pouted, and made lots of whiny noises. He couldn't take it, so he decided to pass the letter back to me. =)

I opened it and.......... FWAH!

I realised that i won a 18K White Gold Diamond and Gem Necklace worth $246 from Soo Kee Jewellery.

Got so heng meh? Hahaha. Was hoping for a pair of earrings though!!! Anyway, thanks! Shows that my 22c (price went up) 23c stamp didn't go to waste.

Gonna collect it today! Wheeeeee......

Going Shanghai

I heard it by accident actually. I was in the toilet, while Mummy talked to my lil sis about it.


I wanna go Shanghai too.. I've never been to China, and i'd love to explore the places beyond Singapore!

Anyway, it turned out that my mum wanted to bring my lil sis to Shanghai to visit my dad (who's over there working btw). Nobody else is included in the plans because we're talking about EXTRA expenses, EXTRA airfare and everything else to do with the word EXTRA here.

And since my Mum says that she'll be there for about a week, i wouldn't be able to go because i've got school. HMPF. That's not fair. I wanna go too.

Thailand maybe

Baby says we might go Thailand. All depends on how much moolah we've got left to spend. No point going there when our pockets are empty right?

I should stop spending so much money now!!

Visit to the vet

Brought Jewel to the vet 2 days ago for her booster jab. The vet told me that that cost of getting her sterilised, removing of the mammory lump, and the blood test for heartworm, would come up to approx $290.

If i can get by financially, i'll do it next month.

$290!!!!! *cry*

Went carrefour with Mummy yesterday

Bought lots of stuff. Hehe. Bought my new mascara too (Mum paid!). Still prefer Maybelline mascaras to L'Oreal ones. The wand and texture is so much better.

If you're thinking of getting a mascara, don't bother buying those expensive ones, cos the cheap ones work just as well. Unless you're very rich, i don't suppose you'd like to spend $45 every 3 months on a mascara.

The lifespan of mascaras are between 3-6 months after you've opened them (3 months to be safe!). They'd probably have turned clumpy by 3 months, and the smell would have started to change already. What more, 6 months?!

Mummy asked me, "Have you bought new clothes for your cousin's wedding yet?"


Cousin's wedding

My cousin's getting married just 3 days after my birthday next month! So after those words from my mum, i went scouting around for an outfit.

Saw this nice top from GG<5 but it was $85! And that's not including the bottom, mind you!

So expensive, and i've got no money... Sigh...

Shall scout around somemore today. Hopefully i'll be able to find something that catches my fancy and is within my budget.


Got rid of my old job and i'm starting the new one on Wednesday. Don't think you guys would believe this... I'm gonna be working for Karen's bf.

Haha... Wish me luck!

Shall update (and post more pics) soon kay! Gotta run cos i gotta bathe and Daryl's mum is gonna pick me up! Tatas!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My new found toy

Been busy at work. So i've lagged behind on blogging. Forgive me!

It's my last day of work tomorrow anyway. Heehee... =)

So excited!!!!!

I get to get away from those bitches at last.


I bought a sweet (pun not really intended) looking innocent... well...sweet the other day.

Eh... Slide open one... Ooooooooo it's the one the hollywood stars are eating now!!!

Here's the reason why... It has a little mirror inside so you can see if there's anything stuck between your teeth! Hehehe...

I like it. =)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


This website is cute and touching at the same time. Check it out if you're bored. It's worth the check! =) Only pictures anyway!



I passed my exams with better results than the previous semester. An improvement!

I GOT A DISTINCTION. Can anyone actually believe that?

I guess i was lucky! =)


I'm quitting my job. Work sucks. Colleagues suck. Wonder how come i do my job so badly. I just don't understand why, unless someone has been trying to make my life very difficult for me.

Yes, i think that's it.

My colleagues are plotting against me. They steal my cash in the register and at the end of the day, i find that the amount doesn't tally.

It may be 5c and 50c now. (Mind you, i'm VERY VERY sure that i give correct change...) Who knows what will happen next time!

Sigh. I'm better off quitting there.


Anyway i got offered a new job. And i already agreed to take it up.

So yeah, i'm covered.

Still got money flowing in, so i'm ok with it. So old and so cash poor.

I feel terrible.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So sick and tired of work. All the shit that has been happening at work.

I've decided to resign.

Let's just wait and see if my boss decides to terminate me before my last day on Sunday.



I bought a new phone on Sunday.

No pics, only a sentance.

Nokia 6680.

=) At last!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More cults!!!


7 for all Mankind
Antiq Denim
Rock & Republic

To Die For!!!


1. Carilyn US$149.99
2. Domenga US$99.99
3. Obertha US$99.99
4. Perye US$149.99

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Dad bought a Black Motorola V3 yesterday. *grumbles* So he gave me the...

Free gift. Heh. -__-"

It's better than nothing. I couldn't read/understand the chinese written on the ticket, so i had to go to the sistic website to see.

Click Me!

It's 2 tickets for the Music Craze 2005 concert. Hehehe. Got my favourite Jolin!!!!!

So exciting rite... Wait till you hear this...


Singtel gave us the cheapest tickets. So we're sitting at the back.


I wanna watch this. Must save up for it! Wild Rice puts up great shows!


Was juz browsing thru eluxury's site... Drool... I like so many things there... And they're on sale! CULT JEANS!!! OMG..... Everything!!!


Joe's Jeans
Juicy Couture
Ella Moss

Citizens of Humanity
Juicy Couture

Marc by Marc Jacobs
7 for all Mankind

Juicy Couture
Chip & Pepper
True Religion


So Many Things! So Little Time!

Sorry i hadn't really blogged in a long while.

1. Had exams.

Results coming out on 11 Oct '05 at 6am. That's my bro's birthday.

2. Then class chalet.

It was held in Aloha Loyang.

We all pointed at Zin...

Then PengHui decided to take the clock down...

And goodness knows what they were doing between Boon's legs...

We became the marshmallow men and women

They ate...

And shared a sausage under a pair of tongs...

And i wanted to eat OnYi's chix wing...

And PengHui was so hungry that he ate charcoal...

3. Worked. (Still working until end Oct! Yay!)

My boss and colleagues are great. =) Some customers, however, are so fake. Can't stand them sometimes. I'm doing customer service, so i have to just grin and bear it. I work in an office in Raffles Place.

4. Isetan Sale.

Went at 8.30am and although the sale was supposed to start at 9am, there were 200 people in front of me already (what the heck were these ppl doing, not working when they're supposed to??). Went there to snatch the red colour Adidas watch my sister wanted. It was $59 for the first 500 people. Ha!

Then i bought my make up remover (at last!) and eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. The cleansing oil is really good. It removes everything and really everything! My previous eyelash curler by them was like going kaput already. Couldn't curl anymore so i had to buy a new one. Total = $148.

Since there was a 10% discount on cosmetics with every $50 spent, i decided to buy something else to make up for that difference. I ended up buying my eye cream! Haha... SK-II, no less! =) $80 for 15g!

Had a 3% discount for signing with the card, plus $20 voucher for the cosmetics i bought. So, it's not so bad that i spent $258.39 in 30 minutes right? Hehehe...

Beauty is priceless. So what's a little money spent on skincare anyway!

5. Wash Car.

Helped Baby wash and wax his car, together with Felix's car as well. But turned out that i was more trouble than help. Halfway through the waxing, my back hurt like hell. So i sat down in the car.

Then sitting down was pain too. So i laid down instead.

Daryl thought i was joking and lazy, so he didn't think much of it when i said my back was painful.

Went back to his house after that, took 2 panadols but it didn't help. I couldn't sit straight, neither could i stand properly. I walked like as though i was pregnant! Haha.

Tried to eat dinner at the table, but i had to use my arms to support my back. I had to eat slowly because my back was still hurting me. I was slower than a tortise. Heh.

It wasn't because i didn't want to eat or anything like that. It was painful. I couldn't hold back my tears any longer, so i cried.

6. Went Hospital.

The pain was annoying. I couldn't walk fast, else it hurt. I couldn't bend down either. Maybe the hunchback of notredame was better off than me. The pain even went down my legs, until they felt weak. So Baby and his mum brought me to CGH to see the doc on Sunday night.

Did X-Ray and all. Doc said it was a sprain on my back and i should be fine in a few days. She gave me painkillers and referred me to an orthopaedic in two weeks.

She gave me 2 days MC too.

7. Didn't Go Work.

Woke up and my whole body just felt so weak. So i called my boss to let her know i wasn't going work. Puked in the evening. Headache. I was a total mess. Took painkillers and it wasn't so bad anymore.

8. I'm Didn't Go To Work Again

I love my job. Seriously. It's a dumb blonde (brunette) job, perfect for me. The pay is just right, and the timing is good cos it falls within my holidays.

I want to go work. Although i haven't really fully recovered. Bending is still a problem for me, but it doesn't hurt as bad as compared to the past few days. It hurts just a slight bit.

I started work last Wednesday. And being the newbie at work, you'd want to leave a good impression, right? I only worked for 3 days, and i'm taking a 2 day MC now. What would my boss think of me?

Called Daryl when i woke up this morning. Told him that i'd be going to the post office to drop off the mail, then i'm going work.

Like i already said, i'm new and it's not nice to take so many days off when i just barely started work. Furthermore, this is one of the better holiday jobs that i have taken upon. An office job is so much better compared to working retail or waitressing. I'm grateful that God has given me this job!

I forgot to tell him that i was going to work today and i also forgot to tell him that i wanted to post the item out today. He thought i wasn't going to work today, so he got angry because i slept late last night as well. Yes, i'm in the wrong. So he told me that it was only right that i stayed at home and only until i've fully well, then can i go to work.

Ok, so he has a point. Afterall, he paid for the hospital bills, and he doesn't want me all that money to go to waste. He cares for me. I love him too.

Staying at home is super boring during the holidays, especially so when you have a job but you're not at work. I have nothing but my computer and my dog at home with me. Dad's back in sg, but i don't really talk to him at home. Except for yesterday, when i asked him to apply for a supplementary platinum card for me. He refused. Bleah! =P

I feel happy that i have a job. My colleagues aren't too bad. It's a female working enviroment. We only have 2 or 3 males in the whole office (they are in their 30s). Which is a good thing. My customers are around 40 yrs old. Old enough to be my dad and mum.

The stuff that i wanted to post was for my buyer on yahoo auctions. She/He had already paid up yesterday, so i felt it was right that i sent it out as soon as i could.

Do unto others, what you would want others to do unto you. If i had paid for something, obviously i'd want it to be delivered in the shortest time possible too. Wouldn't you want it too?


Now would you suspect that i'm harping on anyone? My old colleagues/My customers/The mystery buyer? At times like these, i feel that i'm so useless. A terrible girlfriend. I can't get anything right and i can't make people feel secure.

But nobody understands me. Yes, the problem definitely lies with me.


I called my boss on her mobile, because she wasn't in the office yet when i called her direct line. When i told her i couldn't go to work, she gave me a tongue lashing.

She said, "Can you come to work at all or not, this week? You just started work for 4 days, and now you're taking 2 days MC. I understand that back pain is not a small matter. But work still goes on. Because of your MC yesterday, we had to cope with the extra work all because of you. Furthermore you are calling in sick today, so more work is being piled up..."

I said, "Yes, i understand... But..."

She butted in, "I'd really like to know what is the problem with you."

I replied, "My back really hurts and i can't really walk. But i should be able to go work tomorow."

She said, "So are you sure that you can work tomorrow? Because if you can't, then i'd have to let you go. Otherwise, work is being piled up and nobody is doing it. If you can't work anymore then i have to employ someone else to take over you already, you know. Back pain is not a small issue and i don't want you to come to work and suffer too."

I quickly said, "Yes yes i know. I'll be in office tomorrow."

She said, "Ok, you better be in office tomorrow. You take care. Good bye."

I replied, "Ok sure, good bye."

As the saying goes, there is no charity in business.


I forgot to tell Daryl last night (my mistake) that i wanted to go work (on top of the fact that i wanted to go to the post office too), although i had planned last night to go this morning.

If hurt my back again at work, the company is not gonna pay for my medical expenses because i'm barely only a temp staff. I didn't want him to worry about me, so i skipped work today.

My boss scolded me for not going work because my work is piling up and i've barely started training only. When i go to work tomorrow, there's gonna be 3 days of untouched work to be done! I have to put in triple the effort to finish my work by tomorrow evening. I probably have to work overtime and my lunch would even have to get cut by half.

Not meaning to be sarcastic in any way, but i hope i made Daryl happier. =) I'll just go do my job to rest well at home so that i'm able to go work tomorrow. And i'm thankful that my boss didn't fire me on the spot.


What A Morning.

I feel terrible and i've got a splitting headache now. Gonna eat my apom now.


Dad posted the item out for me today. So happy that i closed a deal. =) Have to return the buyer $1 because it didn't cost as much as i expected it to be.

Now gonna find stuff in my house to sell... I don't use them and they're like all going to waste!

Things That Make Me Beautiful

Refering you guys back to this past entry of mine.


Wierd... My skincare talks to themselves... Hmm...


They even sing to themselves too...

Monday, October 03, 2005

This Post Is For Karen

Unless your name is Karen S M Tham (note: SM does NOT stand for sadomasochistic. LOL!) , you really don't need to read this post.


Karen darling,

Here is a pic of my spoilt pair of boots:

It sucks to have a pair of boots and not being able to wear them! HMPF!

If you need a bigger picture, click the pic to enlarge it.

(Yes, those are my legs.)

Now, if you can get something almost similar to this, i'd be most grateful!


1. Size: Around 37.5 to 38 (think i'll have to draw out my foot shape for you! LOL)

2. Length of the boots: Same in the pic - almost touching knee.

3. Heel height: 3 inches (or about 8 cm).

4. Colour: Black.

5. Material: Tell me the difference in price between pure leather and pvc leather, then i'll consider which to get. I don't want patent leather. Scratch already heart pain one.

6. Shiny or not: A slight sheen would do fine. I don't like my boots to be so shiny (ala army boy boots). If in doubt, refer to pic.

7. Fancy details: I like 'em as plain as possible, which means no laces/buckles etc.

8. Scrunch or no scrunch: Scrunched-up patterns are ok with me (refer to pic, see the scrunched-up part around the ankle there).

9. Shape of boots: I like pointy tip ones - the more pointy the better! Squarish ones are a no-no. The pic shows the most squarish i can tahan! Haha.


So yeah, that sums up how i like my boots to be. =)

If you can get it for me, i'd be absolutely thrilled! Hehehe...

Muacks! Love ya, girlfriend!!!