Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Soon-To-Be Jobless In The City

Emirates is hiring this weekend too.. Mich, makes you gian right? =) The advert is on the last page of today's The Straits Times classifieds.

Anyway, it's been a really hectic few days for me. So much information to process sometimes, and you don't really know how to go about doing which one first.

What the heck am i talking? Hmm.

Met Mich for 2 days straight... Monday was a little catch-up session between us, and i really enjoy talking to her. Sometimes it's so hard to find someone whom you can blurt out your heart to and to have that person telling you their honest opinions. There are really too many superficial people these days, and Mich is definitely not one of them.

We met up yesterday because my colleague's dad passed away, so we met up to go to the wake. With so many people passing on recently, it saddens me alot and makes me treasure the people i have around me more.

Oh well, it was quite a coincidence that at the wake, i met my colleague's sister's friend too. She was one of the girls whom i met at an interview last month, and she's due to start training today, so i'm so glad for her!

But not so glad for myself... I just found out yesterday that the school will only release my results in the 3rd week of September. Which is a load of crap because i don't see why i have to wait when our attachment results are immediate, and my final year project was over 3 months ago. Total waste of our time, because i'm stuck between my future employer wanting to hire me asap, and my stupid transcripts. I know they have processes to follow, but i really don't see a point in making the graduates wait! If i don't get it soon, i think my job is gonna go to someone else... *CRY*

It's only 4 more days until my last day of work. Half happy, half sad. I'm so glad to leave, because this is the kind of work that will drive me really crazy if i stay any longer. I'm sad because i still have not got a confirmed job yet, and my future is quite uncertain.

Anyone wants to offer me a 1 month temp job, while i go in search of a more suitable perm job?

Alright, before i can even dream about any job, i have to get past this stage first... I've got a presentation to my supervisor and my boss this Friday! It's on this e-commerce project that we've been working on for the past 8 weeks or so.

It's really sub-standard work, and i've got a feeling my boss will vomit blood on the spot when he takes a look at this. Hah! In fact, i'm still stuck with two of the functions that i don't know what to do next. Been staring at the same problem for the past week and it's still like this.

So hard to be a worker!

But hey, if i don't wake up and smell the roses, it's not gonna help my future in any way. I'm gonna get back to solving the problem in the meantime...

Oh yeah, and i dyed my hair black yesterday. It said Dark Brown on the box, but it looks black to me. Jolin has black dark brown hair too. Love the new look!


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