Sunday, August 28, 2005


I was lazy to hand up my timesheet for work last month. So i haven't handed it up since the end of last month.

But hey, i just realised the pay is in! Thanks L'oreal! =)

Perhaps it is time to go shopping? Went shopping with Baby today and saw so many things. If i printed money at home, i would have bought them all already!

I saw a jacket, a few tops and pairs of jeans at Mango. Then i saw this nice smocking top from a shop in Cineleisure. Oh oh oh, and those earrings - it definitely is high time that i changed out of those back dated hoop ones. And boots!!! I have to get a proper pair cos the fall/winter season is here already!

No, my Skin, i have not forgotten about you. I know i've been lazy and neglected you recently. I will buy the eye film, facial treatment mask, skin refining treatment, uv protect, and whitening essence for you really really soon, i promise! Then facial treatment cleanser, facial treatment clear lotion, facial treatment essence, facial clear solution and whitening pancake will not be lonely anymore, alright?

My membership expires end of December, so Skin, you will definitely be guaranteed that i'll buy something to pamper you and i can exchange more stuff for you at the same time okay? SK-II here i come!!!!!!!!!!

But hor, so many things to buy, and yet so little money. How?

Saturday, August 06, 2005


If things had gone as planned two months ago, i'd be enjoying myself in Awana Kijal resort in Trengganu (East Malaysia) right now with the Mazda people.

However, there was a change of plans, although we'd already paid the deposit.

So here i am now, packing my bag to go Genting tonight. My sis (i assume) has already left SG already to go KL with her boyfriend and his friends this morning.. with my polo tee. *Grumbles*

Alas, i have decided that i should take her.. Gucci sling bag! A-HA! *Evil Grins*

Hmm.. Or maybe not. Don't wanna be a target for theft. See, i'm such a nice sister! =)

Ok gotta get packing before Daryl grumbles that i'm taking my own sweet time... =) Will post pics when i'm back!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh wait... That means i need to go shopping again!

Although i'm supposed to be mugging for my common tests this very instant because i have a paper later at 4.30pm, i decided that i should just blog about.. something.

I am going Genting again.

HA HA HA. I keep going there but i wonder why i never get sick of it. I do know for a fact, however, that my friends have been tired of listening to me saying that i'm going to Genting.

For the record, the last i went was in May this year with my Baby. =)

This time it's different, i promise you all! I'll be going with my Baby and his friends and we are gonna have a hell of a swanking good time! Up on the agenda lies the spa, gym, theme park, fine dining, karaoke, and not forgetting, the casino! HO HO HO!

Don't you wish you were going with me too? *Smirks*