Thursday, October 13, 2005


This website is cute and touching at the same time. Check it out if you're bored. It's worth the check! =) Only pictures anyway!



I passed my exams with better results than the previous semester. An improvement!

I GOT A DISTINCTION. Can anyone actually believe that?

I guess i was lucky! =)


I'm quitting my job. Work sucks. Colleagues suck. Wonder how come i do my job so badly. I just don't understand why, unless someone has been trying to make my life very difficult for me.

Yes, i think that's it.

My colleagues are plotting against me. They steal my cash in the register and at the end of the day, i find that the amount doesn't tally.

It may be 5c and 50c now. (Mind you, i'm VERY VERY sure that i give correct change...) Who knows what will happen next time!

Sigh. I'm better off quitting there.


Anyway i got offered a new job. And i already agreed to take it up.

So yeah, i'm covered.

Still got money flowing in, so i'm ok with it. So old and so cash poor.

I feel terrible.


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