Thursday, February 16, 2006

Picture blog!

I know i haven't put a picture up in YEARS... So here goes a story about my dinner yesterday...


Daryl and i had dinner at

Wah Lok

yesterday. Lucky shit aren't we? (We had dinner at Grand Shanghai at the building beside Copthorne Waterfront the same time last year...) As we walked through the passageway to the restaurant table, we passed by a row of


. That's how famous and accredited this restaurant is! Our dinner there was sponsored by a lovely friend of ours who won 20K in gambling during the cny period. And i specially curled the ends of my hair for the occasion too! Don't you love

my hair

too? Oh well, so we were the second couple to arrive. The first was big boss and Cyn. We were thirsty, so we opened the bottle of wine and drank it. As you can see, Cyn looks


drinking the wine. Well, she'd better be. Cos this is a $150-a-bottle Chilean wine that big boss brought. Ok, he brought 3 bottles of it anyway. I can't remember the name of the wine (think it sounds something like Lawson), but it sure was GOOD... We kept drinking it as though it were a glass of plain water!

It had hints of vanilla, and wasn't spicy nor sour nor dry. The wine slip down my throat like it was on Subarashii (the Fantasy Island slide...). It was perfect!

After everyone had arrived, we asked them to serve the dishes. First we had a

-- which was a deep fried prawn with potato sauce and a bbq prawn ball. Yummy! Then we had a

-- suckling pig that was so nice and crispy. The meat didn't taste like pork at all.. It tasted like chicken! Anyway, we ate the pig skin with

-- some egg-looking pancakes. Cute! :) After that came the

-- braised fish with beancurd. The fish was very fresh and very soft! And the

-- deep fried tofu with crab meat and spinach. The next dish wasn't my cuppa cos as you can see

i don't eat brocolli and neither do i eat top shell. So this is Daryl's plate you're looking at (i passed mine all to him). The second last dish was the

-- ee-fu noodles with half of the suckling pig and the

-- porridge was cooked with the other half. You can imagine how full we were when we tried to stand and leave the restaurant after that! The dinner was so lovely that Daryl said he wouldn't wanna eat at other chinese restaurant again!

In case you're thinking of dining there, it's Wah Lok Restaurant at Carlton Hotel, and the bill for the 10 of us came up to $470 after a 15% UOB card discount.

Oh well, but back to reality, we don't have the money and neither do we intend to print. So we'll just have to grin and eat our local Zhi Char until the same time again next year... Hahaha...


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