Friday, February 24, 2006

The Most Disliked Person In The Household

I hate dislike am not fond of my brother.

For the first few years of his life, he was sent to his Nanny's house to be taken care of. He was ok at first, then (God knows what they taught him!) he grew to be naughtier by the years.

If i was a parent, i would not be particularly fond of the idea of not being there for my child during the most important nuturing stages of his life. It is a time when you are able to bond with your child, and discipline him the right way.

Most of you may argue that since we all work these days, we wouldn't have time to take care of our children, therefore it's a better idea to pay someone else to take care of him for you. Right?


If you don't have time to look after your child, or don't have enough money to support the household expenses should you not work after the birth of your child, then my question would be -- why have a child in the first place?


Some people just don't think. And yes, openly, i am referring to my parents.

I was born in year X, my sis was born in year X+2, and my brother was born in year X+8. How big a gap is that? And i haven't even started mentioning about my youngest sister who was born in year X+11! (I'll talk about her later if i have the time...)

If they had really planned for a child, then why so long? Since they have already waited for so long, then why not just be contented with the two brats that they had already? When you found out that you were with child, why did you not abort the child? Yes, it may be against our Catholic beliefs, but it really is a lifelong commitment that we are talking about here. WHY?!

My Mum is ignorant of alot of things. For example, she thinks that the pee and the period, all come out from the same hole. Hey, poop also starts with "P" too but it has his own hole!

So maybe Mum thought that if she were to have an abortion done, she would probably have to sacrifice her own life for it. After all, as the infamous threat goes "a life for a life".

Frankly, i didn't really like the Nanny. She speaks Mandarin and she's really square.

I don't particularly have anything against people who are chinese-educated, but rather people who are square (think big thick specs and short maggi mee hair). As i can see from the way my brother was being brought up, the facts are all in my sight.

Anyway, back to my point.

Dad recently bought my brother a computer because he kept pestering my Dad to give him one. He does not study hard, he throws his clothes at the (GASP!) doorway when he comes back home, he pees on my toilet seat, all amongst other things. If i were to list out everything, i wouldn't have to sleep tonight at all! We have bills to pay. We owe several banks lots of money. Yeah. And he STILL bought a computer for my brother.

Sounds like a good thing, eh? But no, it is not.

Firstly, since God knows when, we have got 3 computers in the house. Mine being the oldest, followed by my brother's then my 2nd sister's. So we don't share computers.

Since mine is the oldest (P2 455MHz), dad passed the 2nd oldest computer to me. Grr. But hey, this is still not my main point today.

My main point today hovers around my Mum's constant giving-in to my brother.

Weeks ago, i saw her typing letter after letters to my brother's teacher to excuse his absence from school because she either failed to wake him up, or that he was not feeling well (which we all know is bull shit).


Can you believe i fell asleep while typing this? Haha. Good Morning Peeps!


Yesterday, my mum told me that she needed to use the car at 4pm, all because she needed to be at my brother's school for the umpteenth time to see his teacher.

It's alright to sleep in class. I remember doing it too. But it's definitely not alright to cover up for your son when he fails to wake up to go to school. It's ok to turn a deaf ear on the teacher when the lesson gets boring. But it's not ok to not study when your exams are around the corner, and thereafter failing them causing you to repeat your studies for that year. My brother is even trying to persuade my parents to let him drop out of secondary school! Ha!

I've been there, done that. It's a terrible feeling and i can bet you that you won't wanna go thru it if you can. Trauma.

What are you gonna do if you don't have a cert? Become a road-side sweeper? A factory worker? Or sell drugs for a living? TELL ME!

My parents never planned for children and i really have an inkling that the 4 of us were just pure accidents. They didn't buy insurance for us, and was only until my teenage years that they did, but thereafter cancelled the insurance because we ran into debt at one point and couldn't pay the premiums. Things went downhill after that silly career move by my Dad.

Not that Mum is any better. She refuses to upgrade her skills and accept promotions (because there is more work and greater responsibility with it), go in search for better job prospects, or do anything else to try and keep the family expenses going. If there was any consolation, her long service award would be it. 30 years in the same company, same job, same enviroment.

How can anyone tahan? They don't even reward her enough for her long service to the company!


I hate that my family is so screwed. I hate my parents for not planning. I hate this and i hate that. I hate myself for not being able to study harder. I would have graduated with a degree and be working by now if i had taken the correct path!

If only. Sigh.

I would probably be saving my dollars now just to buy myself a Franck Muller Totally Crazy watch!

So yeah, you just heard my sob story. Isn't there someone out there who shares my woes too?


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